I totally do not know where to start with this “About” section.. so I am going to write as if I am being interrogated by the CID. I am going to imagine that I am a criminal on par with Mas Selamat so that means I am typing this butt naked, dripping wet and with my air-con on full blast.

My mind is getting numb from the cold so that means my brain can only write truth. So before I catch hypothermia, let’s get this on.

Why did you start this site?
Hmm.. I was curious about all this blogging, making money off ads and all that internet business thing. This was never about me just taking time off and post stuff for fun. Fun does not require this amount of time and sacrifice. That being said, you have to understand that Evil Bunny is VERY business minded :P

When I was young, I also like to write and spoke better English than my peers because I watched a lot of American sitcoms and cartoons on TV. I used to write to a Malay girl in Primary 6 and we would mail tons of letters to each other  as if the telephone did not exist… actually we were just too shy to speak on the phone… we didn’t even speak to each other much in class. We lost contact because she was playing hard to get and the fact that Secondary School was eating my soul. Anyway, since I can write decent enough, I thought I could start a blog.. so here it is.

And oh yeah, I know Flash and I also post Flash cartoons. :P

Why Evil Bunny and who is the guy behind it?
Evil Bunny is a name I came up with as a disguise in this internet realm. I value my privacy and I don’t really like the thought of being recognized in public by strangers. And honestly, the name Evil Bunny itself was a mistake.. because I am no way “evil”. I can be bad… and at times horny, but never evil. Unfortunately, after a bunch of cartoons made, it’s too late to change the name of this rabbit now.

I am a 33 year old Malay guy. I have 2 sisters.. one elder and another younger. I like to drink sweet drinks. A good nasi lemak makes me happy. I like watching good movies. I usually read to acquire information, not for pleasure. I like to discuss and talk about religion and politics. I am trained in Graphic Design.

I avoid arrogant people like the plague.

I do have plans to eventually meet all Happeepill fans in one location some day. But right now it’s too premature.

Where do you find time to make all this stuff?
Sometimes, I was working as a freelancer and sometimes I have a fulltime job that pays me well with minimal stress and responsibilities. I try my best to make time for this site. The production of a cartoon is the most time consuming. Each cartoon production is like giving birth to a baby elephant… but once it’s live on the site, I can rest easy. Making time for Happeepill means I have zero time to do stuff I enjoy.. like play video games for hours.

What plans do you have for Happeepill?
For the longest time, I have no clear direction with this site but now I do. I already did the necessary research and all I want to say is, I intend to work at it and see how it turns out.  If my plans for Happeepill don’t work out, I intend to shut it down and start a political or Islamic site and run it as a hobby.

Anything else you want to add?
I want to remind visitors of this site not to take my posts (except for political and Islamic posts) seriously. I want you guys to chill and be entertained.. that is what Happeepill is all about :) You can help the Evil Bunny out by recommending the site to your fwens; tweeting and liking posts etc. You know.. like a good fan should ;)

I would like to mention my volunteer helper, Matrix Girl, who is always online to give me suggestions and input. I usually run most of my ideas with her. She is like some sort of Happeepill Quality Controller. Haha.

Another volunteer, I wanna give credit to, is this guy named AzMean. I go to him if I encounter any technical website difficulties. He is also the guy responsible for developing of Happeepill’s members area login system way back. But since Happeepill is on WordPress, I only approach him online to talk cock.

And lastly, there is Mr. Dooba. He is a very close friend of mine and he deals with the music stuff like the Happeepill Show theme song and guitar strumming for some of my cartoons. Basically I go to him if I need some musical expertise. So not surprisingly, Mr. Dooba has his own band and he performs live at events and such.

Lastly, if you like the cartoons I make and you crave for more, do be a Happeepill Member by subscribing via email. Use the form on the side bar.

If you wanna say hi, compliments, complaints whatever… you can email me directly at happeepill@gmail.com

Evil Bunny with mug

I bluff you lah. Where I got type naked in front of my PC one :P

Brr.. it’s getting cold in here,
Evil Bunny!

  • Nurulfififiliah

    Hahahaha but seriously what does your face look like?

    • http://happeepill.com Evil Bunny

      You want me to unmask? Where got fun like that? hehe

      • Ultrayaz

        But maybe fun what to see your real look

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    EB, I dunno where to post suggestions in this page but I wish, I wish to have a Happeepill Center set up maybe at some shopping malls where all fans can go there to buy merchandise of Happeepill. Also, if you think time has already matured for all the fans to gather, maybe organise a Happeepill fair and maybe have a cartoon workshop. Hope my suggestion is taken to consideration.

    • http://happeepill.com Evil Bunny

      Thanks for the feedback Khalissamion! :)

  • Hakimtay

    you should unmask so we know who are you

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002127248579 Kaiku ‘Headhunterz’ Jumper

    Wow, you really look like a teenager with your mask.

    • http://happeepill.com Evil Bunny

      Give me a secondary school uniform and I can blend in any school. Except when they see the wrinkles on my face -_-”

  • Haniff

    what happened to ep4 and onwards?????????

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it is for members (EP 7 – ) but I think in this new web, EB have not uploaded it yet

  • http://www.facebook.com/nabilsyafiq Aty Nabil Syafiq

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    • http://happeepill.com Evil Bunny

      Look at the navigational bar; beside “Articles”, there is “Cartoons” click on that and scroll to “Music Cartoons”. Ah Leong Dreams is there. Enjoy! :D

  • Pea

    Evil Bunny i hope u can make a cartoon about education system in singapore nowadays .

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    • http://happeepill.com Evil Bunny

      No lah. I live in a small apartment. :3

  • SallyJ

    Its june 2012 already, WHERE DID YOU GO EB ? what happen to the old hilarious happepill shows?

    • http://happeepill.com Evil Bunny

      I’m still here. If you wanna watch cartoons, check out the new Riuh Trio cartoons which is up for sale.

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