Latest Cartoons14 Feb 12 – Happeepill Short-shorts #5 – Knock-knock – MEMBERS ONLY!
5 Feb 12 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #4 – Super Late – MEMBERS ONLY!

6 Dec 11 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #3 – Sexy Uniform

1 Dec 11 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #2 – Life after PSLE
29 Nov 11 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #1 – Angela
22 Nov 11 – Happeepill Show Epi 15 – Mayan Doomsday Prophecy – MEMBERS ONLY!22 Oct 11 – Happeepill Show Epi 14 – PE Lesson Gone Wrong – MEMBERS ONLY!
22 Oct 11 – Happeepill Show Epi 13 – Who knows…

2 Oct 11 – Straight Talk Epi 2 – Why are youth today so obnoxious?

29 Sept 11- Straight Talk Epi 1 – 8 in 10 SG youth have unprotected sex with new partner

25 Jul 11 – Music Cartoon – Ah Leong Dreams

5 Feb 11 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #4 – Super Late – MEMBERS ONLY!
6 Dec 11 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #3 – Sexy Uniform

1 Dec 11 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #2 – Life after PSLE

29 Nov 11 – Happeepill Short-Shorts #1 – Angela

29 Sept – Straight Talk Epi 1 – 8 in 10 SG youth have unprotected sex with new partner

Happeepill Shows

18 Mar 11 – Happeepill Show Epi 12 – NS for Girls
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16 Mar 10 – Happeepill Show Epi 7 – Surviving Singapore
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Music Cartoons

25 Jul 11 – Music Cartoon – Ah Leong Dreams
09 Sept 10 – Music Cartoon – Can I Get Your Numbah
05 Feb 07 – Music Cartoon – NS Song

Punish To Purify19 Apr 11 – Punish to Purify – Crappy Teachers
23 Mar 08 – Punish to Purify – The Mat
05 Jul 07- Punish to Purify – Terrible Student
20 Apr 07 – Punish to Purify – The Ah Beng

Interactive24 Sept 07 – Robot War
30 Jul 07 – So You Want to Be a Caveman
19 Jun 07 – Gurdeep
11 Apr 07 – Punch Evil Bunny

  • Mao_lin2000

    Evil Bunny Please make more cartoon my son keep asking me to check he just one 1 cartoon i very stress you know?

    • Qamarul Bunnies

      EB so busy.. im not the real EB, just a fan

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  • wee wee^^

    EB , Hello How are you?….please REPLY ^^

    • Evil Bunny

      I’m doing well. Thanks for asking. :)

      • wee wee^^

        um i have an idea for a new cartoon….about Resort world sentosa not freeing the dolphins,…acres rock!…..let them free!

  • Impressive Skill Of EB

    Hi!Eb, this is my very first massage to you!Are you making a new video? I know you work day and night, night and day, to write video. Your skill of making people laugh is impressive!Keep up the good job, Evil Bunny!Do reply soon!

    • Evil Bunny

      Right now, I am working on a freelance project. I intend to work on a Happeepill cartoon once the project is done, God willing :D

      • Impressive Skill of EB

        Oh I see, please inform me when your cartoon is done.Take care, wish you can finish your freelance project soon. I would also like to ask what is your up coming cartoon about.Do reply soon.

        • Evil Bunny

          The next episode will be something concerning Singapore so that most of u can relate. Not gonna tell anymore details :P I aim to finish the freelance by the end of Sept. I will alert everybody of the new cartoon via Facebook and Twitter :D

          • Impressive Skill Of EB

            Ok, take care. :D

          • Mohamad matin

            september is over so when is it done and if you cannot make cartoon the y u can reply comments

      • Mohamad matin

        freelace project again does that mean that the introduction of episode 13 will be the same as episode 3

      • Mohamad matin

        what is freelance project

  • Muhdisa38

    hi evil bunny

  • Mohamad matin

    eb are you a real rabbit cos i have a carrot for u if u r a real rabbit

    • Anonymous

      Nah.. he is a malay boy named Zul .. :)

  • Yinghong

    EB when are u going to post new punish to purify cause I want to show the news ones to my elder boy cousin

  • Razores98

    make more interactive EB, i like it…

  • Okaytunes

    ns song was tooooooooo hilarious, Fourtanatly im a girl

    • Randensim


    • Mohamad matin

      you girl then i kill you(just kidding)

  • hillo

    EB can please make more cartoon its been so long

  • Mohamad matin

    can the next review be something about transformers dark of the moon

  • Anonymous

    Hi EB! You are sooo cute!! So funny and adorable!!! I hope you are the same in real life!! I love the comedy!! Thank God You are malay and cute JUST LIKE ME!! Pls reply
    ~YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Since I heard that you have already prepared to make ep 13 n 14, I suggest ep 15 like this : The Happeepill Show Epi 15 – President Election/Contest/ Please e-mail me whenever you did something on this web! :D
    Love you! Take good care!! Live Long!!!!!

  • Hashif LiketoplaystufflikeXbox

    happy happy happy :)

  • Shao Sq

    whens epi 13 coming out? :(

  • zx

    that is a bugging thingy in my login system.

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    what bugging thingy???

  • yur impatient fan

    Wah lao eh EB! When can a new punish to purify (ptp) [4 me only] {special one} episode-no I min CD no I min…………………………AH YA! I dunno la! Juz tell when will a new ptp dunno la be coming out???? I waited 4 ages already sia

  • Chao Xiang

    eb, when u wan all the happeepill fans to meet up, please choose a date when there is no exam nor eve of exams,example:december. thank you

    • Chrissylia

      December 25th is my brithday and i know it’s surprising.

      • xinhui

        my friend also

  • Ong Linaki Megan

    Anymore things like cartoons, punish to purify and Interactives? Im bored.

    • Hazim

      u think so eazy izit? go try lah!

      • Mzik2001

        YA LOR

      • Chrissylia

        Its easy what you go try So You Want to Be a Caveman its easy!

    • Chrissylia

      I’m thinking of a new collom of Pinish To Ditention!Kind of like intressting for me if not to you then u go try something els ok see you later!

  • Chrissylia

    It’s very easy for me!I like the games!Go try the game called So You Want to Be a Caveman!You’ll need to be careful!The first time i got killed but the 2nd time i won!

  • lol

    more cartoon pls , i bored -_-

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  • 123pro

    the robot wars cheat sia.. choose what robot also will lose

    • Furzzy Pua

      go take sissy 2000 lah

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        Yeah,just stick with sissy 2000:P

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      really ah you got try using sissy 2000 and stick with sissy 2000 all the way.if no then try it.

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      u call ur self 123 pro but u not pro at all

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    where the games

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    2 games only in the website or not

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    Oh I See!!! I WIN THE GAME!!

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    xian lah now my account locked ah

    • Evil Bunny

      Email me to resolve the problem.

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        i want new cartoon!

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          • CHUA HUI MIN SUCKS!!!!!

            ME FIVEEEE

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    EB, I tried to login to my account but they said that I’ve type the wrong password or email, what had happened to my account? Don’t tell me got expiry date.
    Email me if you found out the solution to my problem or just put a comment here

  • vivi

    eb i love your cartoon but put some game lah……

  • Lina

    please make shorts-shorts with no Member EB

  • Dinah Angelkiss

    More Games… I’ll be very grateful…
    yeah…games. Like Punish to purify, or or another happeepill contest. Thanks alot.

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    EB i got account but cannot watch video le when i click video ah then go straight to welcome back picture le and i login aready also EB pls Solve this Plob

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  • Lolage
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    eb, when you gonna make a free cartoon??? T.T

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    EB i like u’r vidios next time put some games!!!!And don’t give up EB!!!!

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    EB im really a big fan of you..eversince i grew up i dun have any idol untill i see your cartoon.. and im really sure that from now on you will be my numbah 1 idol. if you love your fan than do interact with us leyy.. dont disappoint us down.

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    EB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME GET INTERVIEW!!! FOR HOLIDAY!

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    EB!!! I luv yr cartoons! Pls come bk lah! Btw, can u make a video on how 2 hav fun arr? I at home v boring, only got com n tv 4 fun! wat other stuv can i do?

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    Y must u stop making cartoons? I really love u EB!<3

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    i not happy eb only allow members to watch fun videos

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    EB, getting boring leh

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    I MISS EB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    EB… Going to miss you a lot. Grew up listening & watching you. Will never forget your cartoons & songs, esp Enjet2 semut, NS Song & Can I get your numbah~ Love Happeepill loads esp the way you draw the girls. HAHAHAH, forever in our memories, RIP Happeepill & Evil Bunny.

  • Grim Reaper

    Thank You EB,For everything you have done.On behalf of the fans, I would like to say Thank You.I would love to see Happeepill running but I know that it’s just a burden to your income…And If you’re not happy,we’re not happy.I hope you are successful with whatever you do.See you on the flipside-Your Fan

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    exam too stress.Can u do something?I not happy

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