The Grey

Attention: This movie review contains sh!tload of spoilers!

Been working for WEEKS on the “Happeepill Issues” project… my legs are turning to jelly so I thought I’d give myself a break and watch a movie. Since Hollywood has been cranking out crap movies for months, there is really not much good shows to choose from.

There is no way I am gonna watch “Underworld Awakening”.. so I chose “The Grey” instead. If you do not know what “The Grey” is, I suggest you watch the trailer below.

Liam Neeson always plays this tough-guy, i-am-in-charge roles. He also got this low-pitched voice and a serious demeanor. I can be a serious guy too but once I crack my smile, I look goofy. And trust me, you cannot get things done in the workplace with goofy face on.

Anyway, my first impression from watching the trailer, it seemed that the movie promises a lot of roughing it out in the wilderness and kicking a lot of wolves butt. Hell Yeah!

But unfortunately, the whole movie turned out to be a drag. -__-. Since the plane crashed in Alaska, all you gonna see is snow and trees for 2 straight hours. The cinema I was watching in had their air con on full blast and I thought I was stuck in Alaska too. I was close to ripping some of the theater seats and start a small bonfire to keep myself warm… the snow storm in the movie got to me I guess. I’m just glad I wore a hoodie.

Watching the men trying to survive was a pain. There was not much going on besides more snow and lots of running. I think an episode of Man Vs Wild is far more interesting. At least I can watch Bear Grylls drink his own pee. :P That’s quality entertainment if you ask me.

The wolves disappointed me too. They came and left most of the time. And even when they attack, it was a mish mash of shaky close ups, you don’t even know what’s going on. I expected more creative wolves fighting action like; working as a pack, being really smart etc. so the average joe will change his perception on wolves besides being big wild dogs that they are…. But the movie failed to deliver.

The worst part of the movie is where Lian Neeson met an Alpha wolf and preparing himself for a beat down by strapping his hand with broken glass and all… please refer to the trailer at 1.10. I was waiting for this because it seems like the best part of the whole movie… but unfortunately, they cut it to black and roll the credits. I was not amused.

If I ever make a local movie about a hero fighting wolves and call it errr.. “Wolves No Enough” and I blast a trailer that promises an EPIC wolf fight when it’s actually a scene with an abrupt ending… I think Singaporeans will crucify me online and offline for the shameless trickery.

Anyway, watch it at your own risk. I give this a thumbs down.

My mind went grey,
Evil Bunny!

Apple Co-Founder says Apple could never happened in Singapore

Apple Co-founder and engineering hero Steve Wozniak states that Singapore is too straight-laced (exaggeratedly proper) and, this is the best part you guys…
“Apple could never have happened in a formal culture in Singapore”.

You don’t know how happy I was when I found this article, which was published on the internet yesterday. Ironically.. I ALREADY mention this on my blog post when Steve Jobs passed away.. here’s my take:

“Steve Jobs was a college dropout and still managed to be CEO of Apple. If Steve Jobs was born in Singapore, he will probably be in ITE and working for a struggling SME or low ranking IT personnel with the SG Govt. Even if he showed brilliance, his history of having not completed his tertiary education will affect his opportunities by the backward, zero wisdom, paper-qualifications-is-everything SG education/work system. Explain that MOE!”

I love the fact that an ANG MOH Steve Wozniak mentions this because the PAP is sensitive to foreign criticism. This bad review is important because it will tarnish Singapore’s image as a whole.. something that the PAP tries very hard to upkeep.

Unfortunately, the PAP CANNOT DO ANYTHING to change the problem, even if they dump billions of money on MOE and have “Let’s Go Creative”, “Innovation First” and whatever campaign is because of the PAP backward, Tiger-style way of doing things… The PAP way of life starts from the education system’s impractical curriculum, to the lack of opportunities for the SME because Govt COMPETES with the small local business, over-reliance of Govt for jobs, arrogant-wealthy-benefiting-meritocracy .. it goes on and on.

Read the article

Sg Government needs a complete overhaul,
Evil Bunny

MRT hit by black outs.. during PEAK HOUR

The truth is.. the MRT trains cannot operate optimally due to the increased number of commuters.

Why can’t the Govt dump more money on public transport rather than the $30 billion dollars (thats a capital B for Billion!) on the SAF? Hiazz.. if things don’t change, the MRT will soon be as crappy as New York’s MTA. :P

MRT North-South Line Black Out

MRT Window smashed for Ventilation

On yeah.. I thought I just add this too.

Taiwan reduced 1 year NS to 4 months! :D

Fan Art by Narisha

Narisha did this colored pencil Dictator EB propaganda poster fan art! Love the stiff pencil mark strokes.. I can sense that you made this with intense emotions! :D

Jokes aside, this will make an awesome political propaganda poster. If I am ever running to be the next Singapore Dictator, I will need to print 1 million of these and paste all over void decks. The slogan will be “All Hail the New Bunny Emperor!” What do you guys think? :D

Fan Art by Joshua

I don’t care then and I still don’t care now. And I think Joshua also don’t care..especialy when it comes to doing his homework. We make a good bochup team. :D

Thanks for the fan art submission!

Man mauled by pet Hippo

This is why I never take photos, pet, stand nearby, wild animals in the zoo.

“Humphrey the Hippo gouged owner Marius Els, 41, to death by repeatedly biting him in a vicious attack on Saturday night. The farmer’s mutilated body was discovered submerged in a river running through his 400-acre farm in rural South Africa.”

Read Article here

Draw a Stickman

This is cool. Go to the link and draw a stickman. Watch it move…

Click here to go to website

Submitted by Narisha

Fan Art comics by Ashley

Ashley made this comic for me. The font size maybe too small but if you squint hard enough till your eyes bleed, you might be able to read it. Actually, this scenario happened to me before.. sorta. A friend of mine overheard a conversation between 2 strangers and the guy was asking his friend whether he checked Happeepill yet or not. Hehe. Things spread around fast in tiny Singapore.

I Found Money!

Besides getting straight As for your PSLE, finally getting married, and winning a free toaster in a lucky draw, one of the memorable moments in anybody’s life is when you find free money. Money itself is very hard to come by and you practically have to work long hours just to get a couple of dollars especially in Singapore. So when you do found a helpless 2 dollar bill on the pavement, you can’t help but have this warm, fuzzy feeling inside :)

So for this article, I want to share with you 3 true stories on how random people found free cash.

The first candidate is a female friend of mine. It was Hari Raya and she had just returned from visiting relatives with the family and when she was walking home, she found a piece of Malay ang pow lying on the ground. She thought it must be an empty packet but she picked it anyway to check the contents and sure enough, there was a $2 bill sitting nicely inside.

Just when she is about to place the ang pow in her hand bag, she saw another ang pow packet nearby.

She picked the other ang pow up and found a $5 dollar bill. Now sh!t just got serious and immediately she decide to scan the entire area crawling on the pavement and grass for more ang pow packets. She found 30 packets more with each of them containing either a $2 or $5 bill.

It looks like some Malay kid got careless and have lost his/her ENTIRE Raya collection and I bet he/she is scarred for life. -__-”

To make sure she scanned our entire HDB block thoroughly, she went upstairs, place her handbag in her room and went downstairs again to double check again. XD I don’t think the CID forensic team is that thorough if they are out finding clues. :P

Another case is when a close friend of mine found some money at McDonald’s. He saw a piece of $50 dollar bill lying on a table and there was nobody in sight. He took the money and immediately his internal good and evil desires come into play (some of you may call it your conscience) and he wrestled with himself whether to keep the money or not.

His options are:
1)    To declare publicly that he found the money.
2)    To give it to the McDonalds floor manager.
3)    To keep it since he found it.

Option 1
Announcing to the rest of the McDonald’s patron may backfire because, some scheming punk might admit that its his money even though it may not be true.

Option 2
Returning it to the floor manager does not seem right because the floor manager might keep it for himself. And giving back to McDonalds, a million BILLION dollar enterprise does not make sense.

Option 3
Since it’s a piece of $50 bill and not a wallet with an identity card, nobody can tell who the rightful owner is. So he decided to eat his meal and wait to see if any frantic person would come to the same place searching for lost cash. After a long while, he saw nobody in sight.. and that means he got 50 bucks richer. Kah-ching!

The 3rd incident is from yours truly. I just got back from work and got off at Pasir Ris MRT station. I exited towards White Sands and smack right in the middle of the pavement was a $10 bill. The odd thing was that it was in plain view and passers-by are oblivious to it. It’s like suddenly the crowd became blind or something.

At first I thought it was a trap, a-Candid-Camera-Gothca-lets-see-who-take-the money-kinda-prank but the $10 is just lying there in the open, I would be a fool not to claim it.

However, the funny thing is, I could just walk to the cash and picked it up casually like any adult but noooooo… I had to imagined myself as an eagle, locked my sights on the cash, made an eagle sound effect to myself and swooped down and grab the money with my “talon” hands with 3 fingers. Don’t ask why I did that. If you have my brain, it makes perfect sense to do the things that I do. -__-“

I place the $10 in my wallet where it rightfully belong and skipped all the way home like a little, happee, school girl. Hee.

So have you guys found money before? (Finding money in your Dad’s wallet while he is sleeping doesn’t count. :P ) Do share your story via email or comment below. :D

Why can’t money find me D:,
Evil Bunny!

Fan Art by Calleen

Awesome fan art submission by Calleen. This image shows me looking like a pervert at some female rabbit with lashes. And as always I have hearts in my eyes and she got the “don’t-rape-me-look” with the “move-away-from-this-guy-before-he-touch-me” body language.

Good job Calleen! :)