Fan Art by Narisha

Narisha did this colored pencil Dictator EB propaganda poster fan art! Love the stiff pencil mark strokes.. I can sense that you made this with intense emotions! :D

Jokes aside, this will make an awesome political propaganda poster. If I am ever running to be the next Singapore Dictator, I will need to print 1 million of these and paste all over void decks. The slogan will be “All Hail the New Bunny Emperor!” What do you guys think? :D

Fan Art by Joshua

I don’t care then and I still don’t care now. And I think Joshua also don’t care..especialy when it comes to doing his homework. We make a good bochup team. :D

Thanks for the fan art submission!

Fan Art comics by Ashley

Ashley made this comic for me. The font size maybe too small but if you squint hard enough till your eyes bleed, you might be able to read it. Actually, this scenario happened to me before.. sorta. A friend of mine overheard a conversation between 2 strangers and the guy was asking his friend whether he checked Happeepill yet or not. Hehe. Things spread around fast in tiny Singapore.

Fan Art by Calleen

Awesome fan art submission by Calleen. This image shows me looking like a pervert at some female rabbit with lashes. And as always I have hearts in my eyes and she got the “don’t-rape-me-look” with the “move-away-from-this-guy-before-he-touch-me” body language.

Good job Calleen! :)

Fan Art by Yuan Plainoldme Jun

“Hehe. It looks crappy. but paint isn’t exactly the best place to draw!”

Artist: Yuan Plainoldme Jun

EB Comments:
Awesome stuff Yuan Jun. I like the jagged lines only Paint can offer :D I give this masterpiece 2 thumbs and a toe all the way up!

It looks like a girl EB is giving her teacher the Homework Falcon punch! And yes, that move can make anybody vomit blood.

Another entry by Yuan Jun. I love the awkward writing-with-a-mouse look. I just hope that is not your natural handwriting. And yes, I AM AWESOME :D