MRT hit by black outs.. during PEAK HOUR

The truth is.. the MRT trains cannot operate optimally due to the increased number of commuters.

Why can’t the Govt dump more money on public transport rather than the $30 billion dollars (thats a capital B for Billion!) on the SAF? Hiazz.. if things don’t change, the MRT will soon be as crappy as New York’s MTA. :P

MRT North-South Line Black Out

MRT Window smashed for Ventilation

On yeah.. I thought I just add this too.

Taiwan reduced 1 year NS to 4 months! :D

Man mauled by pet Hippo

This is why I never take photos, pet, stand nearby, wild animals in the zoo.

“Humphrey the Hippo gouged owner Marius Els, 41, to death by repeatedly biting him in a vicious attack on Saturday night. The farmer’s mutilated body was discovered submerged in a river running through his 400-acre farm in rural South Africa.”

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Back from the Dead

A 21 year old guy in the Philippines raped his 10 year old cousin and whacked her head with a hard object. After that, he quickly buried her body in a shallow grave.

But get this… the girl was NOT dead, regained consciousness and clawed herself out from the ground! She then told her parents and called the police.

I don’t know what is worse… getting raped or realizing you are buried ALIVE?! Anyway, the rapist is now arrested. Somebody bury him in concrete please.

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I’m not dead cuzz,
Evil Bunny

Lab Chimps See Sunlight For The First Time

I wanted to comment on Singapore loss to Iraq soccer match but I thought a video about monkeys is far more interesting :P Check out the tear-jerking video below. You are looking at a bunch of lab chimps taking their first steps of freedom outdoors and into the sun.

I love the part where the chimps hug each other before they start checking out the enclosure. And I get sad looking at the bald patches on their fur. :( I bet these chimps had to undergo through a lot of injections, series of lab tests and experiments :(

But its okay, once Ceasar exposes them to the smart gas in their lab cages, they’ll be kicking humans’ a$$ in no time.

Revolution.. monkey style,
Evil Bunny