Apple Co-Founder says Apple could never happened in Singapore

Apple Co-founder and engineering hero Steve Wozniak states that Singapore is too straight-laced (exaggeratedly proper) and, this is the best part you guys…
“Apple could never have happened in a formal culture in Singapore”.

You don’t know how happy I was when I found this article, which was published on the internet yesterday. Ironically.. I ALREADY mention this on my blog post when Steve Jobs passed away.. here’s my take:

“Steve Jobs was a college dropout and still managed to be CEO of Apple. If Steve Jobs was born in Singapore, he will probably be in ITE and working for a struggling SME or low ranking IT personnel with the SG Govt. Even if he showed brilliance, his history of having not completed his tertiary education will affect his opportunities by the backward, zero wisdom, paper-qualifications-is-everything SG education/work system. Explain that MOE!”

I love the fact that an ANG MOH Steve Wozniak mentions this because the PAP is sensitive to foreign criticism. This bad review is important because it will tarnish Singapore’s image as a whole.. something that the PAP tries very hard to upkeep.

Unfortunately, the PAP CANNOT DO ANYTHING to change the problem, even if they dump billions of money on MOE and have “Let’s Go Creative”, “Innovation First” and whatever campaign is because of the PAP backward, Tiger-style way of doing things… The PAP way of life starts from the education system’s impractical curriculum, to the lack of opportunities for the SME because Govt COMPETES with the small local business, over-reliance of Govt for jobs, arrogant-wealthy-benefiting-meritocracy .. it goes on and on.

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Sg Government needs a complete overhaul,
Evil Bunny

9/11 Remembered

When the news of planes hitting the World Trade Center buildings reached me, I actually bought the story which the media dished out… and that is; it was done by Muslim extremists. Since then, all eyes are on Islam and Muslims. Islam haters took this opportunity to spout anti-Islam comments online and offline. It was like a hate-Islam free for all and I never seen anything like it.

Shortly after that, conspiracy theories start to emerge and now, even some Americans believe that the 9/11 attacks was staged. It was said that the incident was preplanned and meditated by President Bush and his cronies. One of the well known documentary movies is called “Loose Change” which is now available free for viewing on Youtube. Basically the movie describe how the US government is cold enough to commit this act on its own citizen and how the buildings was blown up with explosives after it was hit by the planes.

Here is the trailer for Loose Change.

Anyway, today, I do believe it WAS planned by the US government, no doubt about it. And my reasons on why I came up with the conclusion are as follows.

1) The US Government is no ordinary Government.  
A Malay or Chinese led Government is NOT capable to pull off such an elaborated plan but we are talking about the US GOVERNMENT here. The US Govt told its citizens that US Naval ships were being attacked by Vietnamese patrol boats in 1964 when in reality, it DID NOT HAPPENED. The Vietnam War resulted in the deaths of 58,000 US soldiers with 1.5 million Vietnamese.

The US Govt is also capable in organizing a coup in a foreign nation and overthrow its Government. A good example is what they did to Iran. The US installed a Pro-US dictator, Shah of Iran, which resulted in Iranian university students seizing the US embassy and taking 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.

2)  A war hungry President needs a good reason to go to war.
President Bush was in charge when Sept 11 happened and in the Fahrenheit 9/11 movie directed by Michael Moore, he himself said that he is a WAR President and he have WAR in his mind. So, I am not the least surprise, the Iraq War took place again during his Presidency. All he needs is a good reason for this war to take place.

3)    If you watch the Long Kiss Goodnight which is done in 1996, the storyline explains the CIA’s plan in attacking the World Trade Center AND the movie also adds that they are going to set Muslims as the scapegoats. What a “coincidence”! :P

To me, the reason why the US Government wants to go ahead with a plan as hideous as this is 2 fold.

Reason 1
It’s all about money. Some US companies make a lot of money with war. And since they said the hijackers are from Saudi Arabia, why did they invade Iraq instead? It’s because Iraq was already crippled with 10 year sanctions AND it is rich in oil.

Reason 2
The rise of Muslims among the WESTERN world. The truth is, while some dumb Malay Muslims are losing their Islam because they embrace the Western culture with an intimate love, more and more Westerners are reading up about Islam and choose Islam as their way of life.

A lot of Islam haters denies this fact and I can still remember visiting forums where they would use Joseph Goebbels (Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister during Nazi Germany) quote ie; “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

However after the Pope himself state that Muslims are on the increase and outnumber Catholics, I don’t see they use that quote again.


Here’s a video of Germans converting/reverting to Islam in Frankfurt Germany

I am going to leave you with a quote by Malaysia’s PM, Mahathir on his remarks on 9/11 and he said:

“I believe Arab Muslims are angry enough to sacrifice their lives and become suicide bombers. But they or their handlers do not strike me as capable of planning and strategizing such attacks so as to maximize the damage to the enemy,”


“They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.” Quran 8.30,
Evil Bunny!

Warning: Video contains vulgarities.

FT Rant on Facebook

So the NDP came and gone and now the hot topic is regarding MP Penny Low texting on her cell phone while other Cabinet members around her were standing and singing the national anthem. Her reason for doing so: “to share the “moment of pride” with her residents on Facebook”. -_-

Anyway, just when you think the mess ends there, an FT clerk by the name of Rachelle Ann Beguia started to defend MP Penny and hurl insults at Singaporeans. Examples of posts on Facebook are:

1) “These moronic Singaporeans…”
2) “…their code, their morals, their loyalty and patriotism.. all dropped at the first sign of trouble..”
3) “Foreigners can come and snatch your jobs and flats it only shows one thing.. how incompetent you are.”
And my favorite…
4) “I mentioned names and yours especially, so what are you going to do about it? Yes I like to bootlick it benefits me what you going to do about it?”


Even though Rachelle Ann Beguia has apologized to Singaporeans, unfortunately the damage has already been done. The ill she spoke with her tongue is apparent; I bet the hate she harbor in her heart for Singaporeans will be far worse. I’m just glad she is a clerk… imagine if she is a nurse tending to local patients.

It is very easy to be emotional and fight fire with fire, however, everybody needs to look at this in a calm, rational manner. So for today, I want to set the record straight for all foreign workers, talented or not.

1) Know your place
When you are a foreigner and working in ANY country you should know your place. It does not matter if you are given a temporary work permit or Permanent Residency, bottom line, you must act like a guest. And the guest must not burden the host.

When I was working in the US, even though I was given full rights to live and work anywhere I want to like any American citizen, I still feel that I am an outsider. I look different from the locals, I have a Malay accent whenever I speak my English and I think differently too… and all this took time for my Ang moh co-workers to adjust.

So that means there are certain things I know I must not engage in. I saw a crowd in a mall once where people are invited to raise their opinions on US policies. And near the booth, I saw Americans debating with each other in public.

Even though, I have my own political opinions, should I join in and engage in their debate as if I am a local? Of course not, cause it’s their country and they are trying to work things out. Who the heck am I to intervene and meddle in their affairs? And why should I be mean to my American friends and criticize their country and work ethics? How does that benefit anybody?

So my advice to foreign workers in Singapore, just go to work, save your money and keep a VERY low profile.

Know your place2) Just because Singapore Government welcomes you, does not mean Singaporeans do.
This is harsh but it is a fact. The reason for the influx of foreigner workers problem is 2 fold. Due to mismanagement from the Government, it has effectively turned this once happy little island to an expensive, stressful hellhole that suppresses birth rates. It is not the fault of Singaporeans that birth rates are falling short, it is the fault of Govt policies… anybody who refute this fact, is either severely ignorant or in denial and I am not interested in discussing problems that are apparent.

Another factor is due to cheap foreign labor. Do not be fooled by the Singapore media labeling you as talented. The PRIMARY reason for this whole foreign worker policy is to drive costs down. Whether the need is legitimate is still unknown because of how elusive the Govt is.

3) Your stay is not permanent.
Even though, you are granted citizenship…. even though, you just bought a HDB, you must bear in mind that mp Teo Chee Hean admitted that the PAP may not stay in power and that the transition will be “very difficult.” Even LKY, don’t think PAP will last either.

Difficult or not, to me, this transition he is talking about is a matter of time and when a NEW Govt is set in place, I can assure you, foreign worker policies can be reversed and we will see a gradual decrease of foreigners. This is not being spiteful; this is to correct mistakes done by the current administration.

In my opinion, even if the new Govt impose tough criterias for any incoming foreigner, Singapore will still be one of their top choice place to work because of the strong Singapore dollar, high standard of public amenities, safe environment etc.

Foreign Talent Terms Lastly I would like to end this article by saying that I am not against foreigners who come to Singapore to work. I do not like when a Singaporean blast a foreign worker online by using condescending remarks. It is tough to leave your home and be far away from your family to earn money. At the same time, I also do not like foreigners who think he/she is God’s gift to Singaporeans and not know their place.

All of us are human beings no matter where we come from, and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Anyone who can’t see that has this disease call Nationalism and arrogance in their heart. The issue here is with Govt policies that make Singapore a tough place for Singaporeans to start a family. And after that they made things worse by cutting job opportunities for the Singaporean.

This tiny island is falling apart,
Evil Bunny

PS: I have a Filipino and Indonesian colleague once and they told me not to stay back late in the office with them. They told me their families are not here while mine are. So don’t hate on the Filipino worker just because of one bad apple. YOU CAN be apprehensive when you interact with foreign workers or Singaporeans for that matter because bad people ALWAYS outnumber good people, but once you can sense sincerity with their words, you can bring your guard down.

Singapore Presidential Election

I don’t care much about the Singapore Presidential Election because I strongly believe we don’t need one. We already have an army of ministers headed by a Prime Minister. And we also used to have a Minister Mentor too. And mind you, these posts demands million dollar pay checks that is paid by tax payers.

Honestly, I am totally unaware of what the Singapore President can and cannot do. But it seems that even some of the candidates are as blur as I am.

Check out this video. Do not watch from start to finish because you may foam in the mouth due to boredom. Jump to 1.57

Jayakumar: “Some of their statements (of the would-be Presidential candidates), seem to imply that the President is a center of power….. that he have executive powers. That is not the case.”

This is most bizarre. If I am interested in a job in Graphic Design that commands a 1.7k monthly salary, I would read the requirements plainly stated on the classifieds.

Graphic Design Job AdAt the very least, before I email my resume, I would read the job ad to see if I qualify and also be aware of the responsibilities and what is expected of me. I think this is the normal standard procedure for any sane adult who is out job hunting.

But trying to find a new President on the other hand, is a whole different world altogether. -_-”

I have 2 questions regarding this Presidential Election fiasco:
1) How can the candidates apply for a job when they are unsure of the job’s requirements to the extent that Jayakumar and Shanmugam needs to explain to them via TV?!
2) Before accepting applicants, why didn’t the Government explain clearly to the candidates regarding the role and responsibilities of the Singapore President?

Surely the Government can clarify the President’s role better than a classified ad on Straits Times right? RIGHT?!

Anyway, like I said earlier, I disagree with having a President PERIOD because of the simple parables below:

Two Dads You cannot have 2 husbands in a family.

Native American Chiefs arguing

You cannot have 2 chiefs in 1 village.

School PrincipalsYou cannot have 2 Principals in 1 school.

You cannot have a leader (Prime Minister) and another pseudo leader (President) to govern a country. It will only bring management difficulties in the future. ESPECIALLY if the would-be President thinks he possess “executive powers”.

And lastly, according to the video, the President’s powers is limited to:
a) Protection of reserves
b) ISA detention / CPIB investigation
c) Restraining orders under the religious harmony act

BUT even in those few areas, the president has no power to initiate decisions or policy. He only has BLOCKING POWERS.

With the economic turmoil that is NO DOUBT on its way and with western countries enforcing austerity measures (cutting back on Government spending), why the heck are we having a $4 million dollar President that can ONLY BLOCK policies? Surely, we can have better use with that money. But alas, this is yet another example of the mighty Government going full steam ahead in the wrong direction. I’m not in the least bit surprised.

The one who rushes to be leader will not make a good leader,
Evil Bunny!

S’pore cannot do without foreign talent – LKY

Foreign Talent problems in SingaporeLink to news article here.

Once again, the word “foreign talent” which is conceived by the Govt needs more explanation. I’ve seen foreigners who work as CASHIERS in 7 eleven and Mc Donalds. ANY local Singaporean can easily take these menial jobs. You don’t need any talent to restock empty shelves.

Foreign workers who are educated, are robbing jobs meant for Singaporeans because simply, they demand a much, MUCH LOWER SALARY. So at the end of the day it’s ALL ABOUT MONEY. It’s NOT about whether Singaporeans being able do the job or not.

However, I do agree with his statement “But without them, the jobs will not be there to begin with.” With most of the manufacturing jobs going to China and India, Singapore can’t make its money like how it used to. So, to stay afloat, it has to bring in cheap workers, to cut cost and keep things running.

To further aggravate the problem, the Govt have also created an environment that is anti-family. The Govt have this mindset that economic success cannot exist together with a comfortable, positive environment that encourages marriage and family life.

Not taking this balance seriously will result in a decline in birth rates. To me this is raw common sense, a problem that is avoidable.

I remember LKY did mention that the ruling party, PAP, will not be in charge forever. When that happens, the way for the next set of leaders new leader to solve this over reliance of cheap foreign labor (not Singaporeans being talented enough) is …

1)      To create a positive environment for Singaporeans to marry and have families again. And that means a complete overhaul of the workforce. Singaporean adults spend a minimal of 8 hours at their jobs. The Govt needs to come up with SOLID rules for the employers not to mistreat employees and treat them like beasts of burden.

2)      Cut excessive spending like minister’s pay. Stop being insecure and paranoid and cut down on military expense. Lower the price of the HDB – Pasir Ris flats reaching the 1 million mark just means severe incompetence.

3)      ONLY when the birth rates start to increase, the new Govt needs to shed the excess foreign workers. Foreign workers should be informed that their stay in SG is not permanent on the get go.

4)      Only after a positive, less stressful environment has been reached, the new Govt must promote and encourage locals to aim to be entrepreneurs. Explain to students; searching for jobs comes second… Creating jobs on the other hand, must be their top priority.  And this must start in schools.  That literature class of yours, do not benefit anybody. Take advantage of globalization and make use of the cheap labor from India and China. An iPhone app that takes USD 10k to build requires USD$4k by a foreign programmer. I did this before so I know :P

Lawyers don’t make good leaders,
Evil Bunny!