Draw a Stickman

This is cool. Go to the link and draw a stickman. Watch it move…

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Submitted by Narisha

Wrong Size D:

So yesterday I went shopping for some clothes. I bought a bunch of t-shirts, a sweater and a pair of hooded sweatshirts. And being the guy that I am, I just grab, place the garment on my chest and look in the mirror to see if it fits me. I went to the cashier, pay and get on with my life.

Unfortunately, its either the mirror was playing games with me or I was just plain cock eyed… When I reached home and tried the clothes on, it was one size too small. DAMNIT!

I decided to share my anguish with the rest of the world via a tweet.

And then come the love and advice from Happeepill fans. I can almost feel their warm embrace.

Haha -__-”. I’ll get you guys next time.Grrr… Anyway, I went to the store again and changed the size from XS to S.

I bought a maroon sweater made by the finest kambing fur. Its so high quality, you can almost smell the kambing.

Gray hooded sweatshirt. For those sad, gray days. Whenever it gets cloudy and drizzles, I will be wearing this with the hood on and walk with my face down like an emo kid.

Black hooded sweatshirt. Just in case Singaporeans suddenly flipped and have a mass public protest. I will straight away reach for this black revolution-ready sweatshirt. I just need to tie a black handkerchief over half my face and I’m all set to throw molotov cocktails in style. Bwahahah!

Remember EB…. the fitting room is your friend,
Evil Bunny

Happeepill is now on WordPress!

Hey guys,

I am finally done changing the Happeepill site to the WordPress platform. Yeah!! I did not expect it would take this long. I had no problems installing WordPress but searching and reading up about which plug-ins to use on the other hand was a major headache.

Happeepill moving to WordPress
I placed this drawing on the old site before I made the switch. I think some of you guys might have missed it.

Anyway, I am very happy that the system is up and running. I was planning to use the “Twenty Ten” theme but I realized that WordPress made an even better improved version which they called it “Twenty Eleven”. If you are starting out a self-hosted WP site, I suggest this theme because it has all the basic, necessary aesthetics.. a banner on top with tiled background at the back. Can’t go wrong with that! :D

I can understand why WP is getting popular with website owners, because now, I don’t even have to deal with Dreamweaver and FTP. The days or getting my files organized in folders, keeping tabs on images, making sure links are working right is OVER! And I’m glad.

Files and folders
These are the files that I have to manage on the old site.

Let me side track abit and show you guys the site’s progression throughout the years… I started with this site below totally made from Dreamweaver using tables! :P

First Site
This was back in 2007. I released the Enjet-enjet Semut cartoon with this site.

After that, I made another change to the site in 2008.

Website in 2008
The animated header nearly killed me during production!

After that in Jan 2nd 2010, together with a volunteer programmer we released Happeepill with a complete login system.

Website in 2010
A lot of work went into this one. We had a good run.

And now I am on WordPress yeah! Ok enough with reminiscing about old websites and all these geekery…. so where do we go from here? I will try to read your minds and here is a list of questions I bet most of you guys will ask me.

Where the #%^@ is the old cartoons and articles?!!!
I will add the old content as time goes by.. perhaps one old content every other day. If I were to dedicate my time to just migrate the entire site’s content, that would take another 2 weeks. I prefer to mix new posts with old ones so at least you guys are not barraged with stale content for 14 days straight.

I plan to post the “Ah Leong Dreams” cartoon, God willing, by tomorrow.

So what’s new?
Whats new?! EVERYTHING! Firstly, with this new platform you guys can comment on most of the posts. I adopted the Intense Debate comment system quite late on the old website so that means you can’t comment on some articles I’ve written, but now you are free to comment on almost ALL posts! :D

FYI, The comment system I’m using now is called Disqus.

Another thing is I have scrapped is the ICU page. I intend to set a login system on this platform but not anytime soon, so that means, all content is open to public viewing.

If you noticed, there is a tiny form on the top right hand corner on the side bar, where you can subscribe to Happeepill via email. I suggest you enter your email so you can be notified whenever there is a new post. Don’t want to miss a new cartoon now do we? ;)

Subscribe by Email Form

I guess that’s pretty much it. Drop me a comment if you have questions :) Enjoy the new Happeepill website you guys!

This is exactly how I felt when I got WordPress to work. :D

Evil Bunny!

Beware the Thunder

Have you ever had an idea that sits in your brain but you fail to act on it because of a variety of reasons? “I’m too busy with my job as it is!”, “I’d rather spend time with my friends”, “I’ll get to it.. right after I play Gears of War on my Xbox360.”

Instead of fading away like any other random thought in my head, this particular idea refuse to budge. It sits still like a little obedient dog, wagging its tail… and just when when you thought it’s gonna sit there for all eternity, that cute dog starts to get annoying and restless.

But you are still busy. You have other plans. You have friends to meet, work to do, movies to watch and Xbox to be 360ed. So you decided that the only way to stop that cute now annoying dog is to put him to sleep. So you beat it with a stick right?

You beat the crap out of it but to your horror, you realised this dog refuse to die! Instead it morphed into this huge rabid infested mongrel. Now what do you do?

Illustration ChartTo make matters worse, you blab this idea to your Mum and some of your friends.. and now they can’t wait for it to materialize. Great. Now, not only you have a crazy idea-rabid-mongrel tearing your mind to pieces, your Mum and friends keep putting tabs on you on how that idea is coming along. And whenever you answered that you have not started on it yet, they give you this dirty-procrastinator-lazy-a$$ look. And trust me, it’s not a pleasant look.

Then MONTHS passed and you realise that you are hanging by a thread. You can’t sleep and you swear you can hear the dog barking in your head late at night and your Mum disowned you and your friends have left you because they can’t stand to be associated with an empty vessel. The only way is to surrender and say goodbye to your social life and take that idea-rabid-dog for a long overdue walk.

Walk the dogThat mongrel I’m talking about is this website. I’ve always wanted to do this but I kept putting it aside. I told myself that I’m suppose to update it frequently… but honestly, I don’t even know if I have that type of discipline. (I promised myself to hit the gym twice a week and I end up doing 30 seconds push-ups in my room instead. What makes I think I’m gonna keep updating my site? I just don’t know.) But one thing I know is that this site is gonna exist for 1 full year cause the hosting has been paid for:)

I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I’m your average Singaporean Malay guy. My photos are plastered everywhere but since I’m painfully shy (or hiding from loan sharks. You decide.), I’ve masked it with a face of a bunny:) I’m gonna talk about anything I find amusing and share my experiences. Life in Singapore can be tough but hey, if I manage to get anyone to crack a smile just be reading the crap I post, my job is halfway done!:)

MeDon’t you just hate red-eyes on photographs.

I hope you gonna stick around cause I hate to know that I’m rambling and no one’s listening. Haha. So don’t be shy to email me and introduce yourself and add me to your Friendster list!

And yes, there’s one more thing I would like to hilight. Please bear in mind that most of the stuff I write are gonna be total fiction, as in totally made up. NEVER take my words seriously. And I know some English teachers out there can’t sleep right tonight after reading this because of the sheer grandmatical and sperling mistakes. Hey, I’m doing my best so back off! :P

I deal with lots of humor (or at least what I think is funny) so if you can’t take a joke and gets easily offended, PLEASE remove yourself from this site. I’m gonna stay away from vulgarities and anything tasteless but sometimes swear words can be heard from eg. A Youtube video I post, so kids, I don’t think you should be visiting this site either. If you must, ask Mummy and Daddy first okay?:)

I guess that’s about it. It’s 11.31pm and I’m gonna take a shower and hit the sack.

It has begun,
Evil Bunny

PS:I hope the thunder didn’t scare you too much.. Hehe. Next time lower the volume on your PC lah.

Beware the Thunder