Music Cartoon: Ah Leong Dreams

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I used to dream about cars and things.
‘Bout being a star and things
I thought that I would outgrow this feelings…
It seems my dream won’t go away.

So it’s more like a nightmare
Keeping me up all night
Like a nightmare
It’s taking over my mind

My desire…Burns inside like a flame
And it can’t, and it won’t be contained.

So I gotta be… FAMOUS!
I gotta be… SOMEBODY!
So I gotta be.. FAMOUS!
I gotta be… SOMEBODY!.. So…

Look at me, Tan Ah Leong
I am Ah Beng with ang kong
What stare-stare? You buay song?
You want EB, wait long-long.

If I rude I sorry lah
Promise you I not pai kia,
Sensitive but not Ah kua
Calm down please , don’t call mata

Now I tell you my story
This secret, tell nobody
I am a star, can’t you see
One day be celebrity

When I sing all girls will scream
Shoot the notes like laser beam
My story, where got cheem?
To be famous is my dream


One fine day I tell mother
She temper worst than gangster
Be lawyer, be doctor
Study hard don’t be singer

Sometimes feel I don’t belong
What so wrong when I sing song,
I not gangster, not  tai long
Tan Ah Leong not blur sotong

Nobody understand me
Why can’t people let me be
I suspect its jealousy
my fault you cant sing proplee?

Not practical, I heck care!
You can’t make it, talk cock there
Don’t give chance, its so unfair!
Watch me be a Billionaire!


One day join singing contest
Sibeh xiong, I feel so stress
I try focus, gave my best
I see all the judge impressed

But at the end of the day
Top prize goes to one Malay
Why I lose, Why so suay
This my dream, I don’t play-play

After I lost,  feel so xian
Distract myself, chase Ah lians
All tell me,  give up my plan
Tell myself Its not the end

Every night I still rehearse
This blessing is like a curse
Like a Curse…  Be famous
One day I will be famous

Music Cartoon: Can I Get Your Numbah

Note: This song is a work of fiction. It does not represent EB’s personal experience.

Can I get your numbah
Baby girl I want you
We can have so much fun
I tak boleh tahan
Baby Girl I love you

Can I get your numbah
Baby gurl you need me
Go out jalan-jalan
I belanja you makan
I can make you happee

I think this time I did something right,
We’re on the phone all morning and night
I felt we known each other for years and girl
You make me feel all fuzzy inside

I feel alive, my heart flying free
Is this a dream someone come pinch me
I’m just relief I’m done, don’t have to search no more
You are the girl I plan to marry

So after 3 long years of dating
We start to plan our void deck wedding
You want gamelan plus kuda kepang,
You remind me to start job searching

This song I wrote, I hope you listening,
The classifieds I checked everything,
Interview after interview I go,
But Malay guys don’t speak no Mandarin

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I know you want to start a family,
You see your friends apply HDB
I finally found a job, we gotta take it slow
Because right now I have no money

I’m working hard hey girl cant you see,
I work long hours with zero OT
My boss told me once if I plan to quit
He can replace me with cheaper FT

I gave you money that I just withdrew
To pay some bills that’s long overdue
I was not prepared, the next thing you said
“I had enough. I have to leave you.”

Don’t say that girl, you know its not right
I promise everything gonna be alright
You have to understand, this is Singapore
Listen girl, lets not fight tonite

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So 5 years past I tried to let go,
But I’m still hurt, how deep, no one knows
My-friend-told me, you married this guy from work
He have cash, career, car and condo

Looking back, sometimes I do ponder
I kept the ink scribbled on paper
I cant believe how happee I was back then,
I cant believe I got your numbah