FTs Hire their Own Race

Think you got it pretty bad with FTs taking your job? What about FT managers and supervisors hiring their own race. Imagine spending years of your youth enduring the Tiger-style education system, being in debt to pay for your Poly education and serving your NS… but you can’t land a job because the FT supervisor only hires other FTs of his own race.

Case 1: A foreign manager prefers to hire countrymen than Singaporeans. After kena complained, “the Company agrees to hire and develop Singaporeans at its workforce core”. Puh-lease. Racist say racist lah. Singapore IT courses not up to par to such an extent that Singaporeans need to further “develop” their skills. And I wonder what the Govt will do if the Company disagree to change? Will they adopt the kiasu “if-we-have-many-rules-foreign-companies-will-not-set-up-shop-in-SG” rationale? I bet they would. Haha.

Case 2: Recruitment Agency send mass email on why hiring the foreign worker is better than a Singaporean. (I would love to read that email.) I can so see what it will say:
“Fact # 64: Foreign workers need no reservist. Singaporean males do. Contact us today for competitive rates.”

Case 3: CEO of a company likes to hire too many foreigners from a certain country. And after that, he acts blur by saying “he was not aware of it.” -__-

Even though the Govt have this agency called “Tafep” which by the way, sounds like a French dessert, let’s see if they can fix all these loopholes shall we. Yes, I am giving Tafep a chance :) Won’t hold my breath though :P

If only the PAP would protect Singaporeans’ jobs like how they protect theirs, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Anyway, Malays and SG Indians have another hurdle to cross over which is the, “we need Mandarin speaking so you can liaise with our customers” job ads. Even with web design jobs. Customer knows zero English? Zero Singlish? Where am I… Guangdong? :)

Strangely enough, the Chinese bosses I worked for, never have a problem hiring me and they too have Mandarin speaking customers. :P

Oh PAP, you are so predictable.

Diversity in the workplace.. tsk tsk,
Evil Bunny

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14 year old SG girl slaps Mum and brags on Facebook

If you don’t know who this guy is, he is Dee Kosh, a vlogger from Singapore. So the story goes like this. Adelyn (not real name), a 14 year old, Sec 2 girl slapped her own mother twice because of her constant nagging and went on Facebook to brag about it.

She did not expect how the internet would respond though.

My comments? Hmm… since there are alot teenagers here in Happeepill.com, I believe you guys know NOT to hit your parents right? RIGHT?!

I am having second thoughts on having kids now,
Evil Bunny

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Solution to End Suicide

Bedok Reservoir have claimed its 5th suicide victim and guess what PUB’s solution to ease/stop this problem? Put up a sign. -__-” Sometimes I wonder if the Govt really blur, act blur or just don’t care. Rising suicides and murders are alarm signs for a society in distress. I wonder when they are going to man up and fix the real issues…

And I wonder what the sign will look like if they ever put one up…

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Scum Bosses

6 charged with failing to pay employees’ salaries

There is nothing more I hate than an employer who is late or refuse to pay your wages when the money is due. The 6 charged are just the tip of the iceberg. How many cases go unreported? And worse, if you count freelance work, I bet the number will go through the roof.

The thing about this selfish Govt is that they take this very lightly. If you screw the Govt of money, you will be hauled to court very fast but there is flimsy protection for the worker and the freelancer. Right now an employer is threatening to not pay my Mum for the 7 days she worked as a cook.

My solution is easy. You need to impose a LIFETIME BAN for a$$hole employers like these and do not let them conduct business in SG EVER. Set these 6 goons as an example and you will see the other employers will think twice to skip your paycheck again. Besides, in order to have a fair and positive business culture, you need to clear the scum.

And you also need to keep rules tight in the business environment, because we are talking about money here. You can see people show their true colors when it comes to money. Some people do not respect rules at all and I have experience that 1st hand in the workplace. They have this mind that is always coming up with ways to cheat and search for loopholes. Even after repeated warnings.

Only after my boss fired the trouble maker, I notice a HUGE difference. People work happier and work got done faster. So like a good employer who fires a troll employee, a good government must fire a troll employer.

Good employers leads to happy employees.
Happy employees leads to increase in birth rates.
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Weight Management Ad

So by watching this ad alone, fat women are going through pathetic lives with suicidal tendencies? Hmmm… the last time I check my fat aunt, she is always in a good mood and laughing. The only time she got worried was when her cat fall ill. :P

Men are shallow creatures but if a hubby shuns a wife because she balloons up especially after giving birth then unfortunately, he is an a$$hole. That sort of thing is inevitable. But that does not mean, I support morbidly obese women. :P

I don’t know what is up with Singapore and insensitive and tactless ad campaigns. The last time I was pissed with an ad was when I board the MRT and the whole damn train was pasted with posters saying things like “YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK TILL 80 YEARS OLD.” Ok, I can’t remember EXACTLY what it says but the message revolves around money and how much of it you don’t have and how you are going to die a pauper. And I saw this early in the morning, going to work. I wasn’t amused. The ad, by the way was trying to sell casino-style-interest-based investment schemes. Please.

Another obnoxious ad I remember was on the radio. The ad was trying to sell a luxurious car and they are using the buy-this-car-because-you-are-better-than-everybody-else arrogant tone. It seems that the status-hungry, materialistic disease of the mind and heart has penetrated deep into the Singapore masses to the extent we need a luxury car to feel good.

A good King leads to good subjects.
A corrupt King leads to corrupt subjects.
Evil Bunny

PS:Thanks to Tysha Khan. Ad higlighted via Twitter.

I thought I post this ad. Funny and memorable and something I would pass to my friends online. Singapore Ad/Marketing personnel.. PAY ATTENTION!

WikiLeaks: LKY Called Islam a “Venomous Religion”

I was about to comment on a WikiLeaks document regarding Singapore’s university enrollment rate. But when I came online just now, the hot topic right now is LKY rejecting a WikiLeaks cable claiming that he “characterized Islam as a ‘venomous religion’” during a meeting with then United States Senator Hillary Clinton in July 2005.

Read the article here.

Oh dear. Here we go again. I can still remember LKY telling Singapore Muslims to “be less strict on Islamic observances.” .. and that was just months ago this year.

You can refute/deny/reject your claims as much as you want but in this internet age, right now, the news is spreading fast and people will interpret how they want to interpret. Isn’t it true?

My advice to Singapore politicians, veteran or noob, is to be more responsible with your remarks about Islam EVEN behind closed doors. We are neck deep with FT problems and inflation with prices sky rocketing as it is. We don’t need any more problems from you guys.

Pissing off Muslims in Singapore is one thing, pissing off 1.2 billion Muslims (1 fifth of mankind) is a whole different problem altogether. In case you forgot, Singapore is stuck in between Muslim neighbors. No wonder the SG Govt spends huge amounts of money on military. That money can easily be used to ease economic hardships during these tough times.

This unfortunate incident totally deserves an EPIC FACEPALM.

Wake the Sleeping Giant at your own risk,
Evil Bunny

Tan Jee Say

So the Presidential Election is around the corner and the latest news is that Tan Jee Say said that that he is willing to take $500,000 salary a year if elected. When asked on how he arrived at the figure, Mr Tan replied:

“People ask me what is a good figure to live on so I think this is a good figure, it’s a lot of money to live on…I think it’s generally far above what an average family needs.”

The previous President Nathan however, took home a whopping $4.2 million dollars a year! I wonder what he spent on with that kind of moolah? Yachts? Private properties overseas? Hmmm…

Even though I strongly believe that this President post is totally unnecessary, I applaud Tan Jee Say for volunteering to accept a much lower pay. It just speaks volumes on his character. If he is elected, that would just bring a lot of pressure for the Government because, how can the President earn much less that than Prime Minister? And if the President is willing to do his job without a million dollar salary, why don’t all the Ministers follow suit. :D

Honestly, I still think that $500,000 for a President is still too much. Obama gets around SGD$480,000 and his responsibility far outweighs any minister in our tiny island. I suggest $20k a month just like Japan’s Prime Minister. If you want to be rich, serving the country is not the place to be; go set up a business and be a businessman!

If you are approached with 2 evils, choose the lesser evil,
Evil Bunny!

Just in case you don’t know who Tan Jee Say is.

Curry Revenge Countdown

So tomorrow will be the day where Singaporeans are gonna cook curry as a counter protest to the PRC-Indian neighbor’s saga. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must be living under a rock… with no internet connection. The Facebook Page “Cook and Share A Pot of Curry!” shows that around 59,000 people are gonna cook curry tomorrow. 59,000 curry cooking Singaporeans! I wonder how the air is gonna smell like?!

Anyway, I found 2 music videos singing about this curry issue. One is done by this guy name Mas Riddim and the other is done by Mr Brown. Check it out…

“EB, both of them made a video, how come you never make a cartoon about curry?”

The idea of making a cartoon video for the curry subject did crossed my mind, but I don’t like the idea of singing during fasting month. :P But no worries, one of these days an FT will surely complain about Nasi lemak or chendol or durian… it’s gonna be a matter of time. Once that happen, I’ll make a music video and post it up for all to see.

Curry in my eyes,
Evil BunnyCurry On

Alex Chang McDonald Muslim Rant

I received 2 emails from fans telling me about this Alex Chang guy who don’t want the Azan to be played during break fast at McDonald. Happeepill is fast becoming a tabloid newspaper.. not that it’s a bad thing :) I just covered the Curry Saga and I had plans to write a long overdue Islamic article but now, even that have to wait…. I honestly cannot keep up with Singapore and it’s drama -__-

Anyway, here‘s my opinion on the matter.

What’s the Story Morning Glory?
Alex Chang went on Facebook and said “… why are the McDonald outlets playing the Muslim chant during the dinner time in the restaurants? Can I request to play Buddhism chat on Vesak day? Please advice.”

And he also wrote, “… Not trying to be disrespectful. But abit irritating during dinner time. Not respecting other religion at all. By the way, can you tolerate if they play Buddhist chime in the restaurant?”

Alex ChangWe are focusing on Alex. Wait your turn Suzanne -__-”

Once the message gets posted, Facebook started to turn its gears and work its magic and by hours, the statements from Alex Chang exploded and now going viral EVERYWHERE.. creeping to emails and twitter. Alex Chang is now famous.. but not in a good way.

Before I rip this subject to pieces, let me start by explaining the “Muslim chant” that Alex Chang is referring to.

What is up with all this chanting?
The “Muslim Chant”  is actually a Call to Prayer also known as the Azan or Athan. Christians use church bells to signify the time for worshippers to go to Church.. Muslims use the Azan as the indicator. When Muslims hear the Azan, they must get up and pray. But things get different during Ramadan. When it goes off at 7.15pm, instead of getting up to pray, Muslims EAT first. Because they have been fasting mah.

The Azan is done in Arabic and the English meaning is:

God is Greatest
I bear witness that there is no god except the One God
I bear witness that Muhammad is God’s Messenger
Come to prayer
Come to success
God is Greatest
There is no god except the One God

Check out the short documentary below. If you cannot stand 3 mins of Azan at Mc Donald, that means you cannot live here.

Facebook can make you FAMOUS… in a bad way -__-
Ok, this is important, before any of you post anything online and leave it exposed for all to see, know that it can bite you back in the a$$. I too have to watch what I write because you don’t want to say something that does benefit anybody. Look at Alex Cheng, its only 12.37 AM as I type this and a Facebook Page “Ban Alex Chang from all McDs in Sg” , which has been brought down, have reached 7000 likes.

Do you know what that means to have 7000 likes? That means you got 7000 strangers that hates you. 7000 people can form a whole army battalion. Heck, 7000 men can bring down the Singapore Government in a coup. So I’m sure Alex Chang did not expect this sort of attention and I’m sure if he can take back his words, he would.

Why you no tolerantRacism will exist till the end of time. But that does not mean we wanna hear your rant.
When we live with other races, with different cultures and belief systems, we will bound to dislike, frown on their customs and practices. Singaporean or not, it’s best you don’t comment on sensitive issues on religion and race if you don’t know to be objective/impartial/diplomatic about it.

 If you really need to blast other races because the Chinese/Malay/Indian/Eurasian taxi driver did give you the correct change, keep your rant and complaints behind closed doors. And after you cooled off, forgive and overlook, you can come back out and join society again.

If you are in public and you are uncomfortable with burning joss sticks, wedding kompangs, people carrying the Kavadi, because you are sensitive to smoke or sound, walk away in a good manner. Decline the invitation of a friend in a good manner if you know you will be uncomfortable.

And by the way, this just in… Alex Chang have apologized liao. So give the guy a break and let’s put all of this behind us. :D

sorry acceptedAt the end of the day, McDonald wins,
Evil Bunny!

Curry Saga Creeps on YouTube

Miss Michelle Teo, took the Curry fiasco online with a rant on Youtube. I like the fact that she can speak in various accent. 90% of the video she sound like a African American woman. On 1.32 she sound Indian or Malay. 2.31 she sound like a PRC. Very talented. :D

Honestly, when I do hear any PRC speaks, I thought they ARE speaking MANDARIN… with just their native China accent. Lo and behold, even a local Chinese don’t understand… so what language are the PRCs using? Hokkien?

Another disturbing blurb I read on the New Paper is “where an Indian family reportedly agreed during mediation six or seven years ago to not cook curry while…”


Eh, want to lie, lie properly leh. How to take local news seriously like that? If this happen 6 or 7 years ago, why is it reported only recently? SPH reporters slack ah? We buy newspaper to read LATEST news dah.. not news from years ago. -__-

If the Government wants to put this matter to rest, implying the case happened donkey years ago will not help. Who are they trying to fool? Just state that the Indian neighbor is free to cook whatever he wants and the mediator was in error due to lack of judgement. That is better for you. It will solve 2 things. Singaporeans will settle down, putting the matter to rest (with some occasional mentions online) and PRCs will understand they will not have their way every time they bring in trivial cases for mediation.

IF the PRCs decided to be vindictive and counter by cooking STINKY TOFU in their apartment.. then there will be HELL TO PAY!

Read the blurb here before they erase it.

Stinky Tofu is Stinky,
Evil Bunny!

No Curry for You!

The hottest news right now is NOT the Presidential Election but rather the MP-Penny-Low-texting-while-ignoring-the-National-Anthem-then-followed-by-a-FT-defending-her-and-insulting-Singaporeans-on-Facebook saga. If you still blur, read this post.

Just when I thought the issue will subside, then the FT’s husband stepped up and said HE was the one wrote the condescending remarks! Whoa! This is better way better than watching those Malay Sandiwara! Who knows maybe one day, the story will turn to somebody else instead of the husband! I say their pet dog did it!

Dog Trolling

Stop trolling, dog! Singaporeans are pissed at you!

So just when we thought the FT did it, it was the husband all along!

But to me, it is so apparent that he is doing his bit at damage control. But now the MOE is “probing” him for his FB comments since he is also a JC teacher you see. I say if MOE want to “probe” him, better “probe” him properly ah. I want to see some hardcore “probing”!

“Ewww.. EB. That doesn’t sound right.” Sorry…. I got carried away -__-”

Anyway, like all controversial political news, you can read more about it here. Man, I hope that TemasekReview.com won’t close down. I go to the site if I need some much needed PAP bashing. It’s like being in a room filled with angry Singaporeans.. all ready to explode. But I don’t spend more than 15 mins.. because after that, reading page after page of Government mismanagement never fail to make me nauseous and giddy.

On other FT news, there is another case where a PRC woman complained about the smell of curry coming from her Indian neighbor. The thing that pisses me off is when she said “Can you don’t cook curry? Can you don’t eat curry?’,” This is yet another fine example of an immigrant not knowing her place. If you come here, you need to conform to everything Singapore. If I lived in China, I have to adapt to their customs whether I like it or not. Not the other way around.

You can read about the Curry mess story here.

But the most disappointing part is when the PRC woman and the Indian neighbor went to the Government-backed mediator and the solution she came up with: “In the end, Mdm Giam got the Indian family to agree to cook curry only when the Chinese family was not home. In return, they wanted their Chinese neighbors to at least give their dish a try. ”

What kind of solution is that?! If it’s me, I will slowly educate the PRC woman by telling her; she and her family needs to conform. You cannot escape the smell of curry here. Even if you move, the smell of curry will eventually still comes to you. And worse, if you let this curry problem slide, then they will think that we can mediate EVERYTHING.

I just got some news, from my sister, that another PRC woman complained that her child cannot sleep because the colorful lights her Malay neighbor put up for Hari Raya is “too bright”. I wonder how the Government mediator will solve this. Switch it on ONLY after 3 am when the PRC family is fast asleep?!

lightsAnyway, you can read Singaporeans fight back the curry issue here.

Gonna get drunk with curry on August 21st,
Evil Bunny

Cab Prank turns to Smashed Face

So a group of teenagers took a ride in a cab and decided to make a run for it instead of paying the $34.30 cab fare. But they chose the wrong guy to mess with because this cab driver is the type that would give chase. The whole incident ends with one teenager jumping off the 2nd story of a HDB flat and lands square ON HIS FACE. Even though there were no details of the bloody mess, I bet he, AT LEAST suffered a broken nose… and maybe a couple of missing teeth.

When I was a teen I’ve heard my friends pulling this sort of stunt before. They would hail for a cab and when it stops, all of them ran away. I guess teens these days are a whole level of crazy.  I’ve also heard of pizzas getting stolen from motorbikes when the pizza guy goes up the flats to deliver orders.

I’ve no respect for such people.  Singapore is a difficult place to make money and you making it harder with your trolling antics.

Not paying up + wasting ppl’s time = Not funny
Evil Bunny

Click here for pictures

Evade cab fare

S’pore cannot do without foreign talent – LKY

Foreign Talent problems in SingaporeLink to news article here.

Once again, the word “foreign talent” which is conceived by the Govt needs more explanation. I’ve seen foreigners who work as CASHIERS in 7 eleven and Mc Donalds. ANY local Singaporean can easily take these menial jobs. You don’t need any talent to restock empty shelves.

Foreign workers who are educated, are robbing jobs meant for Singaporeans because simply, they demand a much, MUCH LOWER SALARY. So at the end of the day it’s ALL ABOUT MONEY. It’s NOT about whether Singaporeans being able do the job or not.

However, I do agree with his statement “But without them, the jobs will not be there to begin with.” With most of the manufacturing jobs going to China and India, Singapore can’t make its money like how it used to. So, to stay afloat, it has to bring in cheap workers, to cut cost and keep things running.

To further aggravate the problem, the Govt have also created an environment that is anti-family. The Govt have this mindset that economic success cannot exist together with a comfortable, positive environment that encourages marriage and family life.

Not taking this balance seriously will result in a decline in birth rates. To me this is raw common sense, a problem that is avoidable.

I remember LKY did mention that the ruling party, PAP, will not be in charge forever. When that happens, the way for the next set of leaders new leader to solve this over reliance of cheap foreign labor (not Singaporeans being talented enough) is …

1)      To create a positive environment for Singaporeans to marry and have families again. And that means a complete overhaul of the workforce. Singaporean adults spend a minimal of 8 hours at their jobs. The Govt needs to come up with SOLID rules for the employers not to mistreat employees and treat them like beasts of burden.

2)      Cut excessive spending like minister’s pay. Stop being insecure and paranoid and cut down on military expense. Lower the price of the HDB – Pasir Ris flats reaching the 1 million mark just means severe incompetence.

3)      ONLY when the birth rates start to increase, the new Govt needs to shed the excess foreign workers. Foreign workers should be informed that their stay in SG is not permanent on the get go.

4)      Only after a positive, less stressful environment has been reached, the new Govt must promote and encourage locals to aim to be entrepreneurs. Explain to students; searching for jobs comes second… Creating jobs on the other hand, must be their top priority.  And this must start in schools.  That literature class of yours, do not benefit anybody. Take advantage of globalization and make use of the cheap labor from India and China. An iPhone app that takes USD 10k to build requires USD$4k by a foreign programmer. I did this before so I know :P

Lawyers don’t make good leaders,
Evil Bunny!