Guy sold safe with $26k inside

James Labrecque sold a locked safe thinking that it was empty on eBay. Here is what the ad said:




He found a buyer and sold the safe for $123. Unfortunately for James, the buyer managed to open the safe and found $26000 inside.

Moral of the story: Before you sell a safe, check its contents first.

The best part is when James wrote “PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO REFUND YOUR MONEY.” and yet contacted the buyer and asked for half of the money. -__- The buyer declined to share the cash.

Link to story

Link to eBay ad



Man falls on rails, pulled out in front of moving train

A man who fell onto a railway line in Madrid was saved from serious injury or possible death by an off-duty policeman. In the incident, caught on the platform CCTV camera at Madrid’s Puerta del Angel station, a man is seen stumbling and falling onto the tracks. One man jumps onto the track and hauls the man to safety as the train arrives. The video is accompanied by a description of the incident by the off-duty policeman who carried out the rescue.

Change your brown eyes to blue PERMANENTLY

So now you can apparently change your dark brown eyes to blue permanently using laser technology. This is a dream come true for every asian with secret “I-wanna-look-like-Ang Moh” fantasies.

I mean I know you like variety.. that’s what contact lenses are for. But to have permanent blue eyes? I don’t know what sort of reason you can give.. except for the one that was mentioned by Doctor Homer… “Eyes are windows to your soul”. Yup, I can see that VAIN soul from here.

I don’t think Asians will look good with blue eyes because we have black hair and black eyebrows. It will just look odd. Oh well, that’s just me. I too wanna go through a laser surgery. It’s called Lasik cause I have a secret “I-wanna-see-clearly-again-without-glasses” fantasy. -__-

Just surfing.. nothing to see here

So I went surfing over the weekend and oh yeah… I almost got swallowed by a whale.

“A woman floating on a surfboard near Santa Cruz, California almost ended up on the lunch menu for a humpback whale over the weekend. Barb Roettger had her camera rolling as two hefty whales popped out of the calm waters not far from the unsuspecting surfer and a pair of kayakers.”

2 Year old girl hit by trucks. Passers-by did nothing.

Warning: Sad, Graphic video. :(

After I was done working on my cartoons, I realize that the hot news people on the net were talking about was a 2 year old kid from China. I plan not to comment on it because I read that the girl was hit by 2 trucks and nobody stepped forward to help. That was just too sad for me to stomach.

So when I was looking for news to comment on today, I notice yet another article mentioning the tragic case so I decided to brace myself, search for the video on Youtube and watched.

Honestly I was shocked to see how she was hit in the first place. The truck was not going really fast and yet the driver failed to see her and worse when the driver did realize he hit the girl, he drove on with the tires rolling on her tiny frame. The 2nd truck hit the girl as if she wasn’t even there.

Worse, the passers-by did nothing but gawk.

When interviewed by a journalist, one of the passer-by, a middle-age man riding a scooter said, “That wasn’t my child. Why should I bother?”

The driver of the 2nd vehicle gave the excuse, “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan (£2,000). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan.”

I have watched videos of victims getting robbed, punched in the face while the rest of the bystanders did nothing to help BUT you CANNOT COMPARE it to this case because it involves a helpless 2 year old lying on a pool of blood in the middle of the street. This just gives me the impression that the China populace have rocks for hearts and have lost their sense of morality. And I am not alone. Just read the comments on Youtube. This piece of news will be etched on people’s mind for a long time. And when I shared the news with my friend, she said “What do you expect? It’s China.”

And I wonder what sort of world power China would be if it keep this up.

I read another article and it states in an internet forum, most posters said that they understand why the passers-by refuse to help and some even admitted they would do the same because they do not want to get into trouble and fear facing a Nanjing judge.

“Let me explain the story of the muddle-headed Nanjing judge. In 2006, in the capital of Jiangsu province, a young man named Peng Yu helped an old woman who had fallen on the street and took her to a hospital and waited to see if the old woman was all right. Later, however, the woman and her family accused Peng of causing her fall.

A judge decided in favour of the woman, based on the assumption that “Peng must be at fault. Otherwise why would he want to help?”, saying that Peng acted against “common sense”. The outcry from the public in support of Peng forced the court to adjust its verdict and resulted in Peng paying 10% of the costs instead of the total. Since that incident Peng has become a national cautionary tale: the Good Samaritan being framed by the beneficiary of their compassion.”

To conclude this mess, I want to add that EVERY Government has the responsibility to ensure that their citizens are brought up with good moral standing. And that can be achieve with promoting and give them access to religion. We are experiencing the backlash of the godless, secular system that worships money and make economic progress their top priority forsaking compassion and kindness for their fellow man.

Don’t give me excuses and talk to me about wars done in the name of religion. I strongly believe that people from different faiths CAN live together peacefully IF the Govt keep a watchful eye. Better be living with a group of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus who have at least a spiritual system of reward and punishment (heaven and hell, retribution, karma etc) rather than live with a bunch of godless selfish human beings who cares about nobody but himself.

May God help us all,
Evil Bunny

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Narayanan Krishnan

This video is inspiring… and at the same time I am sad by how these poor people live. To me, EVERY Government should have food stations so they can feed the poor, homeless at least once every week. I watched a documentary where even 1st world Japan has it. And the Japanese went a little bit further by providing free entertainment too. A woman would sing on a makeshift stage while the destitute watched her as they eat their porridge.

The Sg Government should totally follow suit because:
1) The poor do not have to rely on temples, churches and masjids for free food.
2) It will give the Sg Government much needed positive, caring PR.

No food stations in a country mean the Government is giving the “heck-care” attitude. And don’t give me the “its-expensive-to-feed-the-homeless” excuse. Please… You can’t provide 2 huge pots of porridge for every food station? I find that hard to believe.

Hunger hits within HOURS,
Evil Bunny

Fluffy Saves the Day!

A stray pit bull entered a home of a family in Brazil and was about to attack a child when their pet dog Fluffy stepped in, fought the larger dog off the girl, and brought the fight to the streets.

I think the Fluffy needs to change his name to Viper or Fangs or any garang name along that line. This is one of the reasons why I like dogs. I bet if I ever have a cat, he would just look at the pit bull lazily as I am ripped to pieces. And later with sleepy eyes, he will come and “meow” because his food bowl is empty while I bleed to death.

“The two dogs then continued fighting in the street as bystanders threw sticks and rocks at them in an attempt to break up the skirmish. The fight eventually ended when a car struck the pit bull.”

Note to self: The only way to stop a hound from hell is to smash it with a car.

Cats can only guard tuna,
Evil Bunny

Read source

On second thought, this cat got totally defensive when he realize something was amiss. Jump to 0.41 for psycho-cat-terrorizing-baby-sitter-to-protect-child action.

Steve Jobs is Dead

Steve JobsI am no Apple fan and never did like working on a Mac. But I gotta hand it to this guy for being a top-notch entrepreneur. The last time I checked, the market share was 89.2% for PC/Windows users and only 10.8% Mac. With that in mind, it boggles me on how Apple still manages to surpass Bill Gate’s Microsoft in terms of profits.

And just when you thought it stopped there, Apple continues to dominate the music industry with the sales of its iPods (eliminating CDs) and downloads via iTunes much to the ire of music record labels.

And the best research I read some time back and can still remember today is, if you are an app developer, the chances of you making money from your app is better with Apple than Google’s android because Apple have “trained” its users to make purchases compared to Android users who will most of the time download Free apps only.

If Apple is a Government, I bet it will kick so much a$$.

Steve Jobs dies at 56.

I don’t think Apple will EVER be the same again,
Evil Bunny

PS: Steve Jobs was a college dropout and still managed to be CEO of Apple. If Steve Jobs was born in Singapore, he will probably be in ITE and working for a struggling SME or low ranking IT personnel with the SG Govt. Even if he showed brilliance, his history of having not completed his tertiary education will affect his opportunities by the backward, zero wisdom, paper-qualifications-is-everything SG education/work system. Explain that MOE!

Malaysia’s KFC

This happened months ago but I just found the video today. Apparently, a KFC employee from Malaysia took an uncooked chicken and swiped it under the sole of his shoe. Watch to believe.

After that, the KFC Director of Operation stated that
1) The employee has been fired
2) they are going to install security cameras
3) supervisor is to monitor food preparation process
4) and worker will undergo the process of food hygiene

My thoughts? Honestly, I am so my pissed my hands are shaking. To me, the Malaysian Govt need to step in and take this issue seriously because this is not a just a harmless prank. Just by this act alone, it tarnished Malaysia’s reputation (whatever good it has left) and it also brings questions to the mind of Malaysian youths.

And unfortunately the Malaysia KFC came up with lame measures. Let me break it down for you.

1) The employee has been fired
This is an expected response. We don’t expect to see him working there. But this “punishment” is too light for the crime committed. I’m just glad he didn’t pee in any of soup or gravy. Besides, how much is he earning working at KFC? $4.50 Malaysian ringgit an hour? That is not a big loss to any kid.

2) Install security cameras
Although I agree with this move, that will just mean more costs upfront for KFC. As long as you don’t jack up the prices of your meals. But I am not sure if KFC Malaysia can even keep the cameras working and have someone to monitor them :P

3) Supervisor to monitor food preparation process
Even though this sound good on paper, its impractical. Because a supervisor cannot be there watching the employee prepare food ALL THE TIME. And what makes you think a moron teenage supervisor will not join in and commit other “pranks” with the employee?

4) Worker will undergo the process of food hygiene
This is the worst of them all. I don’t know who came up with this sh!t. The issue here is not about KFC employees being totally blur about hygiene. Every sane living person knows that swiping a raw chicken on your shoe is wrong. This “solution” does nothing to solve the problem and just a bunch of bureaucratic flowery talk.

“So, whats your solution EB?”

You don’t even want to know what I would do to these jokers,
Evil Bunny!

BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth

Another sign of the impending global financial collapse. The trader scumbag says that he “dreams of another recession” because he said that some people will be making money from the inevitable market crash.

Here we are, worried about massive unemployment and anarchy and he is talking about how some people can profit from it. -__-“

But at the very least he did redeemed himself by dishing out his chilling personal point of view at 2.17

“This economic crisis is like a cancer. If you just wait and wait thinking that it will go away, just like a cancer, it’s gonna grow and it will be too late. What I would like to say to everybody is “Get prepared.” This is not the time right not to think that the Govt is going to sort things out. The Govt doesn’t rule the world. Goldman Sachs rule the world.”

Man, this is getting scary. I have not even got my animal traps yet. :( What are we gonna do Happeepill fans?!

What are we gonna do?!
Evil Bunny

Boy blind in one eye after bird attack!

In a bizarre incident straight out from a Hitchcock movie, a magpie terrorized a 4 year old boy, and left him blind on one eye. :(

The last time I experienced a bird attack was when I was walking towards Pasir Ris MRT and out of nowhere a crow decides to fly down and scratch my head. I was holding an epok-epok wrapped with plastic you see and he thought I would drop my snack. Dumb bird.

It will take more than your flimsy bird claws to part me with my breakfast! Go get your own damn pastry!

Burung needs attitude adjustment,
Evil Bunny


Magpie Attacks

Robbery at Coffeeshop in Malaysia

I don’t know why. Whenever I see any police brutality, robbery, rape cases, corruption in Malaysia, my blood pressure goes through the roof.  Maybe because it’s the fact that I am Malay Muslim. We are given Islam… so there is NO EXCUSE for severe mismanagement like this.

And I have seen, talk, and experience hanging out with these sort of goons before. They have poor upbringing and does not mention God in their speech. Women, shiny motorbikes / cars and cigarettes takes center stage in their lives. And when they do commit crime they will do it in groups.. an act of cowardice.

ANY country can NEVER PROSPER IF they do not focus on crime prevention and safety of its citizens FIRST. Scrap all your multi-million building projects or whatever economic fantasies you have in mind. You need to have a STRICT PUNISHMENT SYSTEM as a deterrent, dump monies on surveillance, police force and forensics team.

And by the way, anybody who use Singapore as an example for security is severely ignorant. There are 29 million people living in Malaysia compare to 4.7 million in Singapore. It’s like being in charge of a class of 29 crazy teenagers in a classroom as big as a football field vs 5 teenagers stuck in a small store room. You CANNOT use Singapore as an example to compare with ANY country.

Anyway, without giving much detail, I wanna declare right now that I, Evil Bunny, totally support PUBLIC lashings, PUBLIC capital punishments and even amputating the hand of HARDCORE robbers and thieves. The human being is a violent creature and you need even tougher laws to curb the evil Nafs that they worship.

“But EB, the western world has no tough laws you mentioned and they are the front runners of economic and social success.”

Right… and every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted. Look at the stats below and look at the successful western world. Now look at Saudi Arabia.

Rape StatsSource

Thank God I am not in charge of Malaysia. If I am, I will get rid of these goons faster than you can say “But EB, I am scared sh!tless of SHARIAH LAW!”

A criminal gets lashings. A corrupt police officer gets double,
Evil Bunny!

Crazy Girlfriend scald man’s private part

This sort of crazy girlfriends / wives stories never fail to make me cringe. So a man from Kuala Lumpur wanted to break up with his girlfriend. An argument broke out and the girl splashed hot water on his koo-koo bird. So the poor man ran naked for 5km to the nearest Police Station.

Just when you think that was scary enough, the article states :
“She returned to the hotel the next morning, bringing a bag containing among others, three knives, two pairs of scissors, a hammer and a brick,’ a source said.”

A hammer and a brick?! Is she planning to do some renovation on his private part or what? I know break ups can be heartwrenching but come on… what is up with girls and genital abuse? I don’t know how girly girls who are afraid of a tiny bug can suddenly switch to murder mode. Can any of you explain this to me phu-lease. :P

One bizarre story I read is about a Thai woman who cut off her husband’s ding dong and fed it to her DUCKS! I don’t know who to feel sorry for; the man or the ducks. Poor ducks! That is not a piece of chewy bread…SPIT THAT CRAP OUT!

Another girl-gone-crazy story, is a woman, who drugged her hubby, sliced his penis off and ATTACHES IT TO A BUNCH OF BALLOONS! The genital was never found. Imagine riding on a plane and you see a penis floating by out of the window. -__-” I got no appetite liaos…

Crazy Girlfriend

Read full article

My advise to all guys out there. if you want to break up with a girl, make sure u do it in a public place and wear your running shoes just in case you need to make an emergency sprint. :P

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,
Evil Bunny