Radeem Rahman Debut Fight

Remember the blog post about the One Fighting Championship featuring Singapore’s MMA fighter Radeem Rahman? Anyway, I found a link to his debut fight via my Facebook page posted by Iskandar Osman via Sherdog.com Yeah! Check it out. :D
Warning: If you don’t like Mixed Martial Arts, I suggest you skip this video. :B

In my opinion, I think they can use a better announcer. Maybe get one of those events dee jay guys. Anyway, congratulations to Radeem Rahman for winning his debut fight. I see that he got good take down defense. I would love to see him execute something more technical.. an arm bar perhaps? Who knows, maybe after tons of fights under his belt, he can be as lethal as Anderson Silva. :D

Awww.. some of guys don’t like MMA? No worries.. here is a video of your favorite President!

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ONE Fighting Championship – Radeem Rahman

I didn’t know that there is an MMA event coming to Singapore.. How come nobody tell me? :( To me, MMA is one of the untapped revenue stream the the Government fail to notice. If we have the right kind of fighters, marketing style like the USA, you can make this sport mainstream. Even China have their own MMA events.

If done right, this can start a whole different sector for the none-existent entertainment industry in Singapore. Jobs like cameramen, event crew, fighters will be needed. At least some of our local men can become full time professional MMA athletes. Not everybody want to be Fire Fighter lah. I’m so sick of the Government having 1980s vision. We need to introduce new sectors of revenue… not just manufacturing and service sector. Do I need to tell you everything?!

Anyway, here is our very 1st MMA local talent- Radeem Rahman

Surely we can do better than this commercial. -__-

I did thought about taking MMA lesson.. seriously I did. But I told myself, I need to have money saved up for surgery in case my nose, jaw or entire face gets jacked up. But for now, I will live my life as a nerd and just watch MMA videos off YouTube. :P

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Singapore beat Malaysia via FT

Honestly, I did not watch the match at all. Although I was aware that the Singapore team won against Malaysia, I wasn’t impress or amuse because 5 of our National team are foreigners.  I can understand if you bring in 1 or 2 foreign players but 5?!

The Singaporean who shrugs this aside and say that it is okay as long as we win, have indirectly supported Singapore’s FT policy. If you support the Singapore soccer National team, don’t complain if a foreigner takes your day job.

When are we going to have our own Fandi Ahmad, Sundramoorthy, and Steven Tan again? If you are born in the 90s, chances are, you missed a time where we saw a soccer team that was truly Singaporean. This is what the Singapore Team should look like. And below is a clip.

I read an article online and this quote raised my right eyebrow. “Singapore won the match. Though he was born in China, Shi Jiayi is 100 percent Singaporean,” he said.

Woah. With this rational, the only way to tell if a foreigner is 100% Singapore is if he is skillful enough to score a goal. I suggest applicants for PR go through a soccer test.  If you can’t score a goal you are not 100% Singaporean. What a joke.

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