Game Time: Siege Hero – Viking Vengeance

I found a new interesting game and I have completed all 35 levels, so that means this game is easy. -__-” Anyway, the 1st person to complete all the levels and email me the screenshot of score and levels completed as proof will be the winner and I will post a Happeepill Game trophy on your Facebook wall with your name on it! Yeah!

Check out the screenshots below :)

Play Siege Hero NOW!

This game challenge is over. Best Gamer Award for Siege Hero is Harith Hakim Mazlan!

Click here for his screenshot

Fatman Go!

All you gotta do is make Fatman JUMP and SWING to the rain cloud. I am stuck at the level below. See if you can go as far as possible. Make a screen shot of your high score. If you score the highest, I will draw you an online trophy and paste on your Facebook wall. (If you don’t have Facebook I will post your trophy here.)

Play the game now!

This game challenge is over.Best Gamer Award for “Fatman Go!” goes to Nurina!
Check out her screenshots!