Best Gamer Award – Harith Hakim Mazlan

Harith Hakim Mazlan was the first to submit his screenshot to me. I know some of you emailed me the completed levels with all crowns, which is impressive by the way, but the rule of the game is speed. So the first to complete the game and land on my inbox gets the award.Congratulations Harith! I’ll post the trophy on your FB wall soon. :D

If you guys wanna play Siege Hero – Viking Vengeance, you can click here.

Best Gamer Award goes to… Nurina!

For the Fatman Go! game, I got 4 entries.

Azmin and Drebin Jack got stuck at Level 17.
Zulhilmi completed all 20 levels.
But Nurina completed all 20 levels FIRST.

So sorry guys, everybody lost to a girl D: But its ok, I can’t even go past level 9. Fatman sucks!

I’m gonna paste the above picture at Nurina’s FB wall. Do participate if I post another game to play. There are no prizes and the trophy above is for bragging rights only :D hee.

My Fatman is too fat,
Evil Bunny

If you guys are blur by what game I am referring to. Click here.