• http://twitter.com/SNR_Vongxm Vongxm! ツ

    Actually 7:45AM is very late… but when she first saw the clock, there wasn’t any AM or PM. :P

    • Abhishek

      if you think that’s late try saying that to my school which starts an 9:30Am Can you believe it? not a bad thing very good ^.^ extra sleep for me yipee

  • awesomefella


  • bashah

    Hahah nice vid EB haha i had this experience this before haha almost went to school n remembered it was sunday haha

  • Nahar1985

    lol, always look at the clock properly…

  • Kevin Png

    It happened to me many years ago when I was a secondary school kid too. Singapore’s education system is just too stressful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1520163874 Calleen Koh


  • hopper322


  • Pqurratuaini


  • Bayim81

    Happened to me once during primary school.. haha

  • Aidil Syukri


  • Gale

    HAHA !! love that XD

  • ???

    lesson of the day, use a 24-hour clock

    • guest

      i agree =)

  • NaNaNaNaNaNaBatman

    played this trick on my brother in primary school last year!!! ROFLMAO

  • Maevislee

    EB,can you make more longer caroons? thx! but… good jobfor every thing it was very funny!

  • BlurKing

    common sense it is at night. 7.45pm sky so dark. 7.45 am sky so bright

  • Sophie

    This happened to me once…on a SATURDAY!

  • Meow

    finally a new happeepill show has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!so happy :D

  • Lala

    Happen to me before also! :D D

  • ClaudiaLovesBtr


  • killlls

    anyone has blur eyes?

  • PopinCookinLover


  • Bernicelye

    haha so blur

  • Redknight2001

    so this person is stress because she doesnt want to be late everyday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/darkpriness Dinah Angelkiss

    Happen to me when I in kindergarden….I thought I was late. But ended up I didn’t “accidentally” go to school when my mother say “Today is saturday dear.”

  • Reeve Yap

    happened today itself l woke up at 9 oclock and school starts at 8 so i was like oh mu f**king god l am late then it hit me it was sarturday 0___0

  • Reeve Yap

    0_0 , 0.0 , 0-0.

  • Khairi

    i also like her but my brother wake me up wearing his school uni (he lazy wash sumtime) it was 8:00pm i quickly bath an dress then when i was about to go out my mom said, Eh why u wan go school at night? (saw my brother laughing in the bedroom) T-T

  • AyunieLove

    Every night, 1am, my maid will wake my little brother up to pee so he dont wet the bed.. my maid waited for him for 5 mins. he came out showered and asking my maid for the school uni.. my maid was like “y u shower?? its 1am!!.. Then he cried n blamed my maid.. HES SO SILLY!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5A2XSWXX27LGPI34NY7VJEZC4 jocelyn

    LOL i got similar experience also..so now, all my watches are on 24h LOL

  • Gemuxiaoboyboy

    Dis girl so chala-chala one sia!

  • Lyxus-Maplelised Minecrafter K

    FAIL!! i no nid worry one lah

  • Sonia


  • Sonia


  • Rachel1213


  • Izzah_hanani


  • shanfan

    how can be like that one??

  • kaijie


  • jia xuan Tan


  • naufal

    we chose to use a 24 hour clock it doesnt matter if it is easy but actually it was hard