Members Only: Happeepill Show Epi 14 – PE Lesson Gone Wrong

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  • Deborah

    Oh god, I LAUGHED like mad when the ‘Falcon Punch’ joke came out XD Now if only you did a ‘FATALITY’ joke…

  • Ramizah HardstyleShuffler

    My school no have this but have a Molester (Teacher) Samore!

  • Aim

    Civil servant spine breaker made me lol. i miss this site! been here since there was the thunder and there was a separate members site :P

  • CrusherBunneh

    lucky my school no have. rmbr Johnathan Wong? ya tht guy with the child porn. HE SIT BESIDE ME IN MY HISTORY CLASS LAST YR YOU KNOW? sialah. he so friendly to us. now think back I oso feel abit scary…

  • Damngorrila


  • Forbes

    when she grab my hair,ill press down on her elbow hard and break it >:)

  • Wilson

    She’ll get her attitude adjusted(i’ll give her an attitude adjustment)

    if i can’t i RKO her loh

  • Amin

    steady ah EB! Great work on the cartoon. Hope U’ll produce more

  • Alpha

    If my teacher grabs mt hair the first thing i would do is to give her a warning…then i beat her up…

  • Howardyeo


    O LEVEL!
    O LEVEL!

  • Hakim Kimm

    hahahahah! kelakar ah beb!

  • Lee99955

    i like the new intro and outtro

  • Tania

    This is hilarious! Good job EB. Never fails to make me laugh.

  • Shao Sq


  • Aqeem Hazmi

    I Think You Have To Put Facebook Share Button La EB….

  • Reeve Yap

    i watch it 2011 times!!@!!!!!~!!!!!!!!

  • Zakiyyan Zharfan

    i win :)

  • Ramamageadven

    i will fight back ^|^

  • Lim_zhong_yang

    i will fight for my life! >_<

  • Calleenkoh

    i will scream for other teachers to help and go home complain to my parents >:D

  • Hamzah Nutt

    I would try my best to defend my self… :P

    That would probably be a big fail.

  • Masquerade01

    wah EB, ur Happeepill Episode 14 is different from the other episode that is from episode 1 – 13

  • Masquerade

    wah EB, ur Happeepill Episode 14 is different from the other episode that is from episode 1 – 13

  • Masquerade

    I think I will complain to the MOE but not the teachers cause teachers like scary cat as u said EB

  • Nahar1985

    fight back lor so that dump teacher gets revenge

  • Nahar1985

    no no, i mean the little boy gets its revenge

  • Narisha Ibrahim

    I would just let her assault me at first then complain to MOE. Because if i were to fight back, it would give the teacher more reason to say it is my fault. Then I can also get Islamic society involved because the teacher assaulted a Muslim girl.

    • Narisha Ibrahim

      Btw EB, nice new intro and end credits! :)

  • childishboi

    i will complain to MOE thn after tat go find her n att her!

  • DJokerz

    i would call all my gin na and whack the teacher , justtttttt kiddddding ~ call police & complain MOE

  • Asar_980


  • Badboyz


  • Yanni ChaoticMinion

    If that teacher slaps me I call my mother to come down to school and have a cat fight with her…that would be interesting = )

  • Ryan Lee

    Wah Lau eh! If I can expel her from the school ah I will surely do it! Unless I got authority lor. Don’t have jia lat liao.

  • Ryan Lee


  • Xian Yao

    LOL. Homework falcon punch. nice work man.

    • Spencertanchungseng

      me too

  • Tasyrif

    civil servant spine-breaker! LMAO!!!

  • justin

    i will fight her back

  • Worldinvasion987

    I will make myself flee and take a basketball and give her the 64 shaolin basketball thrown. Wish this method can send her to the seventh heaven in one shot.:)

    • Flip K

      i will block and then do self defense silat and a throw i learned from watching singapore combat NS video thingy

  • Fadx200

    I’ll call JohN Cena to FU her.

  • Effiepoh

    the third one

  • Farhana Jumari

    I will straight away complain to my parents and then my parent will come to the principle office to clarify matters. So typical huh? Haha…. Anyways, I miss the punish to purify cartoon la EB. Make a new punish to purify cartoon soon please!!

  • Klaine Lover

    I will make sure my parents tell police one. Because the law states that teachers can’t hit their students.

  • Xavier


  • Aokii

    transfer sch after getting hit. after that in the other sch also have those kind of teachers also, just transter again to another sch again loh~ let the other ppl in sch get the pain while i enjoy life in other schools XD

  • Joy Wong ChickenRice

    Love the new intro~

    His World forever~

    • Anonymous

      I saw your name and it made me feel very hungry

  • Anonymous

    Since I am a female, i will take things not so complicatedly … All I will do is just, RUN TO THE NEAREST PLACE WHERE THERE ARE TEACHERS OR PRINCIPAL, THEN WHEN TEACHER COME, SHE/HE SURELY KENA BUSTED. THEN I QUICKLY TAKE MY BAG AND RUN HOME! Reach home, quickly call parents. tell them what happened and tell them to call the school to excuse me for 2 day of NO SCHOOL ^^
    Love you EB <3 MUAAAXX

  • Vongxm! ツ

    ‘O’ Level Sonic Kick! :D


    EB when is episode 15 coming out?

  • Spidey Zul

    The Super Street Fighter 4 & Mortal Kombat parody caught me off guard. O:

  • Nafrizzi

    Finish Her!

  • Kathy

    i will finish her then,run to tell the principel also add in that she trip over a banana and hide in the toilet. <3 you eb and your video

  • Vielot

    hey um…..EB, can u please make the videos more faster

  • Vielot

    still this video is funny………..

  • FChua

    wow!!! EB sooo powerful want ah!

  • Lynettealli

    if so fierce how come get job meh?

  • Joythansydc

    alexander nikolai can handle this XD

    • Singkhalese

      Yup, Alexander Nikolai confirm change post to Ministry of Education actually to deter naughty students. But he have to deter mad teachers too. LOL

  • Spartan 117

    Home Work Falcon Punch!
    O’level Sonic Kick!
    Punish to Purify!

  • Huajm

    I will tell the teacher, ”You beat me right, i beat you back and sack your first before the principal sack YOU!” Then, use whatever method learned in Karate to fight back.

    • Atthemiko Tektonika

      Go china learn karate! become the next KARATE KID!

      • SeeMii

        Japan lah, not china. China is wushu/kung-fu

  • Dan X•Doa

    Nice cartoon leh EB.I love it very much.I showing this to my retarded teacher on FB and warn her about it.She want fight come fight lor.Talk so much act pai kia only.Teachers now-a-days no heart one.All black heart.

  • Reconesin

    cool. ima try the homework falcon punch on my discipline teacher!

  • Supaluva


  • Anonymous


  • Zacseow


  • Tarishkadam


  • Faizah

    Do what Singaporeans do nowadays. Complain to parents lor!! Then ask parents to call MOE, then call up newspaper make a VERY big issue until she kena sacked. LOL!

  • Ong Linkai Megan

    I would rather grab the teacher’s arms and swing her backwards to the GROUND!!! Some teachers are very kind but some are not. PULL HER HAIR AH!! GIVE HER WEDGIE!!!

  • lolzkid

    EB r u a singaporean or malaysian/ i cant tell sorry:p i am a singaporean

  • CC

    WALLAO the teacher cannot do this le ! if she cannot tahan then scold the class lah ! my teacher tahan for 1 year le ! and plus this year is the worst year of her life ! luckily i score 3 band1 and 1 band3 ! and made her proud ! glad i can make it to primary 5 …. phew…

  • boredo

    i thought teachers are only allowed to beat students in the olden times….

  • Yinghong

    I will give a hell of her life

  • Spartan 117

    Call john cent and FU her lor…..

  • Leeweibin1997

    call in airstrike on her and bombard the whole place!

  • Nyna Kayle

    I’d retaliate out of shock& reflex.Did it once at the age of 8 towards my brutish piano teacher. (She did other things such as hitting your knuckles w wood ruler),

    The last straw was when my stupid piano teacher poke the side of my forehead because I made a mistake while playing a piano piece.I end up being so angry (Think The Incredible Hulk mode), turned to her, screamed & poked her forehead back a few times. She was shocked, left my house immediately.

    Sandra quit teaching me a week later on pretext that her husband and her are moving away.Obviously it was a lie as she has been teaching my elder siblings for many,many years.

    And as I grew up, whenever I face such teachers during my high school, I do not hesitate to meet and complain to the principal.Once I was in form 3, a particular **loony teacher whom also practices favoritism was relocated to another school after I lodged an official complain. So yes students…If you are wronged unfairly, report to your principal. Make sure you,,,, WIN! B-D

    (**’Gila meroyan’@ Postpartum Depression as she was facing marital problems + just had her second baby)

  • sotongjackii

    love happeepil loads

  • Rusydi Jumahat


  • Hazim4d

    i would wrestle him/her and do a homework falchon punch

  • Kohyandar

    i want the punish to purify power laser BEAM!!!!!!!

  • EB fan

    I would wrestle myself free and either…
    1)Run around the school till she/he tired:P
    2)Pull of her hair>:D
    3)Run to another teacher/principal DX
    4)Play hide and seek with her in school :D
    5)Take my phone and make a video down for evidence.:)

  • EB fan

    6)O’ lv sonic kick!!! Civil servant spine breaker!!! PUNISH TO PURIFY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mfaris0205

    i would lock my self in the toilet and defend myself if she comes in

  • SPARTAN 117

    I know,Get an AK-14 or M16 then shoot at her head until her head gone.Then shoot the body until gone.AFter that,Clean up the blood lor

    • EB fan

      But where can u get the guns?

  • Hazim

    wat kohyander said

  • Freak Co


  • Jian Hui

    Call Chuck Norris come

  • liutenent haziq UNSC

    i hand fart kill her lor

  • Maximustan

    I make her remember dat day

  • JJ

    i will push the teacher onto the floor and take the teacher’s head and whack the teacher’s head on the floor untill she or he dies and when the police comes i will say it is self defense

  • Andersonphua

    Simple,just call the rest of the class to beat the damn teacher

  • Xintian30

    very funny

  • sotongjackii

    EB i love youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

  • Sohyuande

    I WILL WACK her

  • guest

    l will kick her #@$%@ and kill her like @##%$@@#!@#

  • Yu Pei Xin

    I will get my best friend here (Her bones are harder then mine) And we both karate chop, homework falcon punch and send a bloody bowling ball into his/her face! :P

  • Charlotte Lee

    If there really are teachers like that….then we die liao!!!

  • Alphawhitemoon

    I will really attack her….dont care if i get detention…

  • FatinB

    i jus attack and eat her,i bet she taste like CHICKEN….

  • lome

    i would fight back and use silat or other skill to knock the teacher out ,then run to the office to tell the principal all about this (if it does not work ,when the teacher wake up at the hospital,i kenah liao ,suspended

  • duhawesome

    im that type of person that can get close to ppl and be a guai kia… i’ll just blackmail her lorh. :) cuz i always do research my teachers. i know my teachers likes to post de sexy picture on the net ;D lol jkjk. I WILL JACKIE CHAN HER boobz AND RIP OUT HER TEETH, ALL IN THE NAME OF PUNISH TO PURIFY >:D

  • Weiyitan

    cool ep ,i will use homework falcon punch and o-level sonic kick

  • Fratzy GoNuts

    i agree now students are like shits!! they act big only…they think what boss arh??-.-” kids now a days…haiyo~~ -.-” i can get stress arh…

  • Immaswiftie

    I would defend myself, run then go to the principal and complain to the principal lorh.

    LOL at the end: HADOUKEN!!

  • Mohamad matin

    after psle my teacher everyday give me pe very tiring u know and some times i go away from pe hall and go to toilet without him knowing lucky he did not see me walking away

  • Brandonchua

    i will use punish the purifi

  • Dave


  • faris

    2+2=2+5! lol

  • Mohamad matin

    i will drag him or her to toilet and flush his /her head at toilet bowl

  • Kelvin

    My Fav part was from 00:00 to 04:06 :D

  • syaff

    i will hit the shhhh out of her hahahah who cares

  • ELF

    i will ask my bro to take parang to school and kill the teacher. XD

  • Brandonchua


  • Irfansenyum

    I TEACH the teacher a lesson………….

  • Heng2leung

    nice new intro

  • Urlampa

    Flying Falcon Kick la? Arbo what? Gong gong kena whack?

  • Effie Poh

    I will change the subject lor.If cannot work ah……i will give her alll my un finish work and ask her to finish if not i will tell the President Tony Tan I not scared one

  • Wktang08

    FUNNY episode

  • Fara Wahida Bte Thahirudin

    very funny not bad!!!!!

  • Gabriel Arceus

    wrestle myself free and use a sledgehammer go whack the teacher

  • Osh3798

    so funny!!

  • Hotmail


  • Hariz

    I Love The New Happeepill Show Opening/Intro.<3……!

  • Aqilah Ufairah

    Maybe I will try the Homework Falcon Punch if it happens.

  • FrozDrakos

    Civil Servant Spine Breaker LOL

  • Littlegummybears1

    omgso cool kid r u guys all kids? add meon g+!

  • Seanlee650

    I will use the Homework Falcon Punch

  • selena

    i would use the last thing that eb did

  • Pekmichele

    I would use punish to purify and zap her out of orbit. Hahaha. Confirm she will not bother me again.`

  • Mohamad matin

    stuff her mouth with rat poison

  • Wan Nur Nabilah

    LOL?! EB ure the best cartoon maker!!

  • Nznaqib Zalman

    It’s better to punish than to purify. PUNISH THEM NOW

  • Krystal

    I wrestle myself free,use the homework falcon attack,then call police.

  • Rika

    i wrestle my self free from annoying teachers :P

  • silverfox

    Homework Falcon Punch, ‘O’ level sonic kick, Civil student spine breaker!!

  • James

    Lol xDD

  • Hafizhah

    LOL!so wierd how can a boy have super powers and trust me last year PE teacher sucks at my school.

  • Madhu Tgm

    EB: Go back! Go back! You come near i burn you ah!
    Pupil: Shutup la Rabbit.
    (EB gets a shoe in his face)


  • PopinCookinLover

    LOL xDDD ‘Shutup la rabbit’ xDD

  • PopinCookinLover

    I think that boy LOVES EB
    Because in the toilet … someone wrote ‘ I <3 EB ' O.O

  • Bernadette Low

    Really happened meh???

    • Mitchellhojl

      it did last year

    • Guest

      I fight almost everyday with my brother also.

  • Bernicelye


  • Cecelia

    So funny

  • Joyce Woo Sy

    I use ‘O’ level sonic kick

  • Majulah2011

    ‘I would fight back to my sergent’ my brother said this ah not me

  • Canlasnicole

    i fight back lah….teacher v. old….v. weak….

  • Maisara


  • Maisara38

    i use punish to purify

  • Maya Azizi

    OMG! The teacher is so fierce!!

  • Ellatan81


  • liliana18737

    wahh principle scared of teacher ahhh?? btw the teacher said he want to sex the principle first how can???

  • Afiqrudyspino

    WOW!!! FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitchellhojl

    i would just call 999 loh

  • Hwee Peng

    i will kill her

  • Limjiale

    i would use homework rasenshuriken (fuuton rasenshuriken from naruto) ,nine tail chakra blast and combined home work falcon kick, olevel punch and best,…..falcon’s o level cilvil punishing to purify!!!!!!!!!!

  • Syedhamzah47

    i am a boy -_- how should i noe?….

  • Atheanmyat

    i woulsd sue them

  • not EB

    you no brain la! if principle scared of teacher then let teacher to be principle lor.

  • SeeMii

    I would go Extreme Yandere (really psychotic) & KILL THAT TEACHER by using anything dangerous!

  • Yongwei01

    i would pwn him/her

  • Yongwei01

    imah charge my lazer then imah fire mah lazer in the face

  • J_tan_18

    I would tell my parents ,then my parents would tell MOE.Then victory to me ya!

  • David Sorkmin

    wallaoh eh, it seems that i only ang-moh here sia

  • hafizhahlalalala


  • Harrychia25

    SO fUnNy

  • sonia

    eb is it true that alexandre nikolai is going to be our minister or what

  • Sonia991189

    eb y episode16 have been canceled

  • Cliff Koes


  • kaijie

    o level kick i bring pistol kill the teacher hide the toliet why go there u trap one

  • eunise

    i will tell the MOE

  • Khang Hui Xian


  • Yu Hao Toh

    i will run away and tell allthe teachers to team up and sack her together with moe

  • Muhammad Bakhtiar Borhannudin

    Sonic kick, Sonic Kick Sonic Kick… hahahahahah