Straight Talk Epi 1 : 8 in 10 SG youth have unprotected sex with new partner

This is a new Cartoon segment. It is VERY SHORT and it is NOT the Happeepill Show. Happeepill Shows are much longer.

Straight Talk is where the Evil Bunny hit the streets and ask everyday Singaporeans on important issues. Hehe.

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  • HI

    will u b making episode 2? coz v short but its still so interesting :D

    • Evil Bunny

      God willing I will, I already have a topic in mind. Actually I want to get you guys involved.. Hmm we’ll see.

      • Sarxangel

        But im wait its very funny and yr awesome :D

      • Sarxangel

        but why this new generation soo kuai lan arh?

  • azri@bob

    I think increasing SG Singapore population was in government agenda. As far as I concern, SG Gov try to encourage more it citizen having babies by providing special dating occasion.How do you think about it EB?

    • Evil Bunny

      I have not heard of “special dating occasions” you speak of. Singaporean have no trouble with dating. The reason for decline of birth rates is because of high costs of living. PERIOD.

  • Calleen Koh

    not a good idea to be a youth parent, setting a bad example for the child. and waiting for marriage is still the best choice or else your future companion hu u decided to marry will think bad thoughts about you eg; think u r a womanizer, think u alrdy hav ur own family etc. :P that’s just my opnion

    • Evil Bunny

      Good one Calleen!

  • Narisha Ibrahim

    this is one of the probs for most youths already. they think that virginity is not at all important. n whoever came up with all these so-called ‘methods’ to prevent pregnancy??? even i dont think these methods work. usually, they have sex at a young age because they want to know how it feels like faster. they just dont want to wait until marriage. and another thing is because most of them thinks that not being a virgin is cool and the in-thing ( -_- ). i should know because i had experience some people coming up to me and telling me all their adventures in bed ( -_- ) just to spite me for being a virgin. also, they think that if you don’t lose your virginity at a young age, you would end up all single and forever alone. -_-

    • Evil Bunny

      Good one Narisha!

  • Syazwan Khan SOkecik

    the STRONG ones can wait until marriage…premarital sex can cause alot of problems anyway…

  • Javier

    Temptation and natural instincts to procreate. I suppose the urge overcomes the rational mind.

  • Farah Cici

    I mean seriously,why are people nowadays so horny one? If they want to hae sex then marry early….I also have boyfriend but then we never think of sex…

  • mandy

    Cos Singaporean getting more and more western.. thats why..

  • U-see

    Bcoz they follow the japan hentai and all these porno from the whites, idk wats on their minds….

  • Aokii

    They just want to throw S’pore face… b4 i come home watch this, my cher already teach about birthcontrol and somemore it is the highest rates in the Asia Pacific leh! not just throw S’pore face, also throw to the whole world!

  • Klaine Lover

    If they lose their virginity then wasted mah cannot wait until marriage one meh. They lose their virginity to someone that will love them once then will not love them anymore. Wait for the perfect man/woman then get married then lose their virginity lah start so young for what later regret…… -.- bo liao one lah young generation don’t say I wrong I still studying one so of course I know lah.

  • mapleised keith tan

    xiao, use anything besides water to wash ther d***s are f***ing stupid, kena d*** change colour kena got aids or something

    • Randensim

      u zeyu are??? :D found u liao

  • Guy

    Early exposure for adult material .Frankly speaking, male genitals can eract as early as 10 to 11 years old .Physically he may be ready for insertion but mentally is he aware of the agenda / consequences after effect???? There is a reason why kids esp those still pursiting studies now not to be involve in sexuL ACTIVITIES.

  • Chanwh2009

    should wait till 29 yra or above to do it

  • NewGuest

    They never think twice . they just do and realise it’s a big mistake but it’s too late ..

  • Chow Poi Yee

    Earlier sex education.

    • Khalissamion

      And more early will the girls get pregnant. You won’t know. These young children (7-10 years olds) get curious easily and they will try to do that and only God knows what will happen next. They have not reached puberty and some of them won’t understand that.

  • Mzik2001

    sex is good

  • Dhalila Mo

    sex with me no baby, buy condam waste money!!!!!

  • Fratzy GoNuts

    not only youth orh…even pri 4 kids watch arh…haish… -.-

    • ???!!!!

      i watch this and i am p4

  • Brandonchua

    sex is good for health

  • jiahang

    so fast,and ah beng is good advisor

  • wanie

    go marry then do sex laeh-.-

  • Shazwanrockzxc

    sex is AWESOME!!! especially hentai …

    • Fhvg

      Dude that’s just wrong:-)

  • Calebngwei

    should not have sex now, have to get married first. Thats the right way

  • Keane Kwa

    ah beng has best advice!!

  • rookie_d

    was watching on youtube called the maury show..compared to that..this thing small fry..hahaha..

  • KVVIG2010


    • Khalissamion

      Yeah but a baby boom will cause a lot of trouble in future as now not much jobs left for SG Citizens. All are almost snapped up by mainly PRCs and ang mohs. Should there be a baby boom, how can the SG Citizens earn money? And mind you, if you’re a baby boom generation, you’ll find that you’ll get cheated often later in life.

  • quickster88

    eb…make more straight talk videos!!!

  • Lionel Lee

    Interesting ley.. haha

  • Kasendra

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sex is not good!

  • Bernadette Low


  • Annoymous

    Sex may be enjoyable but it only lasts within minutes. Children these days have to think about their future and not only the present. I really wonder if those who commit these acts ever thought, even once, “What happens if I/she become pregnant?”. Depression may kick in. Disappointed parents. Getting expelled from school. This is a scar that may last forever.

  • Irzran Strife

    lol sex hahaha

  • Maisara38

    its gross
    loh aunty i agree one why cannot wait until marriage one???

  • shanae_naynay

    alamak! the ah beng so hot and handsome siolll!

    • guest

      got handsome meh

  • Ritsutanaika


  • Saaharna

    have but not now

  • ??!

    what is porno ah?

    • Want2actbluroni

      Hello small kid. You are not suppose to be here. Go visit Pokemon website. Your parents need to monitor your online activity.

      • blurberry

        that mean u get out of this website lor



  • Shifat_prithvee

    I like the aunty’s advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kieronong

    ant eat gugu bird hahahahaha

  • Amanda Ngm


  • stacy

    HI HAVING sex is not good lah must married first then can sex boys and girl don’t sex sex is not good lah bitch

  • Muhammad Bakhtiar Borhannudin

    I prefer married first :)