2 Year old girl hit by trucks. Passers-by did nothing.

Warning: Sad, Graphic video. :(

After I was done working on my cartoons, I realize that the hot news people on the net were talking about was a 2 year old kid from China. I plan not to comment on it because I read that the girl was hit by 2 trucks and nobody stepped forward to help. That was just too sad for me to stomach.

So when I was looking for news to comment on today, I notice yet another article mentioning the tragic case so I decided to brace myself, search for the video on Youtube and watched.

Honestly I was shocked to see how she was hit in the first place. The truck was not going really fast and yet the driver failed to see her and worse when the driver did realize he hit the girl, he drove on with the tires rolling on her tiny frame. The 2nd truck hit the girl as if she wasn’t even there.

Worse, the passers-by did nothing but gawk.

When interviewed by a journalist, one of the passer-by, a middle-age man riding a scooter said, “That wasn’t my child. Why should I bother?”

The driver of the 2nd vehicle gave the excuse, “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan (£2,000). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan.”

I have watched videos of victims getting robbed, punched in the face while the rest of the bystanders did nothing to help BUT you CANNOT COMPARE it to this case because it involves a helpless 2 year old lying on a pool of blood in the middle of the street. This just gives me the impression that the China populace have rocks for hearts and have lost their sense of morality. And I am not alone. Just read the comments on Youtube. This piece of news will be etched on people’s mind for a long time. And when I shared the news with my friend, she said “What do you expect? It’s China.”

And I wonder what sort of world power China would be if it keep this up.

I read another article and it states in an internet forum, most posters said that they understand why the passers-by refuse to help and some even admitted they would do the same because they do not want to get into trouble and fear facing a Nanjing judge.

“Let me explain the story of the muddle-headed Nanjing judge. In 2006, in the capital of Jiangsu province, a young man named Peng Yu helped an old woman who had fallen on the street and took her to a hospital and waited to see if the old woman was all right. Later, however, the woman and her family accused Peng of causing her fall.

A judge decided in favour of the woman, based on the assumption that “Peng must be at fault. Otherwise why would he want to help?”, saying that Peng acted against “common sense”. The outcry from the public in support of Peng forced the court to adjust its verdict and resulted in Peng paying 10% of the costs instead of the total. Since that incident Peng has become a national cautionary tale: the Good Samaritan being framed by the beneficiary of their compassion.”

To conclude this mess, I want to add that EVERY Government has the responsibility to ensure that their citizens are brought up with good moral standing. And that can be achieve with promoting and give them access to religion. We are experiencing the backlash of the godless, secular system that worships money and make economic progress their top priority forsaking compassion and kindness for their fellow man.

Don’t give me excuses and talk to me about wars done in the name of religion. I strongly believe that people from different faiths CAN live together peacefully IF the Govt keep a watchful eye. Better be living with a group of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus who have at least a spiritual system of reward and punishment (heaven and hell, retribution, karma etc) rather than live with a bunch of godless selfish human beings who cares about nobody but himself.

May God help us all,
Evil Bunny

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