Edible Spray Paint

Does your food look boring? Are natural colors from food too mainstream for you? Are you bored out of your mind? Why don’t you buy one of these EDIBLE SPRAY PAINT! :D

A red apple?! Bluergh! Learn to live a little and spray all your fruits gold and/or silver! You know the US dollar is going to crash anytime soon right? Might as well stock on some shiny apples just to be safe!

Why stop at fruits? Have you ever dream of eating a gold chicken? No? I am going to spray anyway! Surprise your friends and give your grandma a heart attack as you serve them a shiny golden bird!

Who needs cookies that look like brown turd? Give all your cookies a cool, metallic finish and eat them in front of your co-workers at lunch. And if they ask for some, give them a friendly shock by spraying metallic blue on their mee rebus! Nothing with improve office professional relationships like a sudden food paint attack! :D

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Translated from German using Google Translator:
“Esslack was developed together with a small food factory, which supplies high-quality fine pastry shops with food coloring. In a new application in the can, the different ways in the kitchen brings. For example, a chrome trout. Or gold-plated asparagus tips. With Esslack is absolutely simple. It is ideal for finishing off any kind culinary creations and cover spray. Done. Esslack chrome plated and everything that comes in the kitchen under the nozzle. And with the two new colors can also now blue and blush all make. He is absolutely harmless edible and tasteless. 100 ml of edible food color spray. Of silver golden muffins over steaks to red peas – Esslack brings new luster in the creative cuisine.”