Cars for your Gonads

To stop its ever increasing population, India has come up with a ingenious policy. It is offering a car, motorcycles, cash, tv and blenders to men. And in return, the men must be willing to undergo surgery…… to chop off their balls. -__-“

Nah.. I keed! :P The guys need to go through a VASECTOMY.. totally different from CASTRATION folks.

What?! You gonna sterilize me like a stray cat and reward me with a BLENDER?! Sounds like a good deal to me! I would go under the knife for a TOASTER! What would you choose; a crying kid that needs diaper changing or fresh toast for breakfast. I rest my case :P

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Addicted to Her Pillow

Ok, I know everybody got their own “bantal busuk” (stinky pillow) they cling on to when they are kids but this is just… strange. She brings her pillow everywhere she goes and even calls it by the name “Boo.” Worse, she bought the pillow at an ANTIQUE shop and never washed it once.

Hold on…  Who in their right mind would buy a pillow in an antique shop? You buy old-grandpa-wooden- furniture from antique shops and you buy pillows from the same place you buy your mattress. And I can’t believe she also have a boyfriend. This is what I mean when I say girls have the upper hand. A girl can convince herself that a stinky pillow is her best friend and there will ALWAYS be some guy crazy (or lonely) enough to fall in love with her.

If I carry my bantal busuk around, girls will tease me and call me “Mat Bantal”. How cruel :’( But if I stuff wads of cash in the pillow case, they would get flirty and call me “Mat Bantal Cute”. Now that’s more like it!

FYI, EB sleeps with with his head sandwiched between 2 pillows. I tried so hard to train myself to sleep with 1 or no pillows but it doesn’t work.

I am pampered like that,
Evil Bunny