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This is one SCARY comic you must read. I read it in the middle of the night and I regret doing so. SKIP this post if you have a medical condition. NOT JOKING.

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Note: This article contain some Islamic teachings.

I rarely have dreams when I sleep. And when I do, it’s usually about insignificant random scenarios. But last month, I had nightmares for 3 nights in a row. :(

Nightmare 1
I dreamt there was this man holding my arm and neck while I was lying on my bed. I can feel his weight so it was tough for me to get up in the dream. I didn’t experience any pain and I was planning to fight back… once he lets me go that is, so I waited, and when he finally did.. I woke up.

I paid no attention to the dream but I did feel unwell. It seems that I had a stomach ache of some sort.

nightmare man

Nightmare 2
The next night I had a creepier dream. I dreamt that I was looking at a rusty mirror and on the reflection, I can see my face and at the back of my head was ANOTHER face. The dream lasted like 5 minutes and it was just me staring at myself, looking at my 2 faces on the mirror. When I woke up, I felt worried. Having 2 faces in a dream can’t be a good sign.

two facesAnd my stomach ache didn’t get better either. I had to poop like every 3 hours or so.

I went online to search for the Islamic interpretation of dreams. What can having 2 faces mean? I found the results and it wasn’t good :(

Bad news:
“Having two faces in a dream mean a grievous and a woeful end, for Allah Almighty does not look at someone who has two faces.”

Good news:
“If a scholar sees himself having several faces in a dream, it means that he is utilizing his knowledge in various applications, or giving a subject several possible interpretations.”

A grievous and woeful end?! D: I did try to placate myself because I remembered a friend of mine did mention before that I know how to apply my Islamic knowledge and “give a subject several possible Islamic interpretations”. But then again.. I am no scholar :(

Nightmare 3
I was riding a bicycle and I can see 5 huge dogs running under a void deck. Once the pack of dogs saw me, they started to give chase. I cycled like a mad man and mind you they are not small Pomeranians. I have never seen these breed of dogs before. They have thin legs and tall like a deer. They are brown and their muzzles are black. I can actually hear their claws scratching on the concrete floor while they are chasing me in my dream.

Dream of dogsOnce I woke up, I had a chat with Matrix Girl. She read that dreams about being chased by dogs are acts of Jinns.

Ok, quick introduction on Jinns for Non-Muslims:
In the Islamic faith, we Muslims believe that Jinns are creatures of the Unseen, similar to Angels. If you see a ghost that resembled a dead relative or family member, in actual fact, it is not the spirit of the deceased but rather the work of a mischievous Jinn, trying to confuse you. Bomohs, soothsayers, astrologers, all use Jinns to aid them in the black arts.

JinnsMoving along now, since I do not know how to stop these nightmares, I dua (supplicate) to Allah to protect me from these evil Jinns. Who else can help me besides Allah?

So later that same day, while I was listening to an Islamic lecture as I work, there was a question and answer session and a woman asked the scholar on how to protect oneself from Jinns. What a “coincidence”! :) So if any of you Muslims out there are wanna get rid of nightmares follow the instruction below.

1)    Perform your wudhu before you sleep.
2)    Cup your hands like how you would when you dua.
3)    Blow air into your hands and say Surah Al Ikhlas, Naas and Falaq 3 times.
4)    Starting from the back your neck, wipe your hands over your head, face and body.
5)    Then you can go to sleep.

I did that and thanks be to God, I slept like a rock. And my stomach ache was gone too the next day. :D

I wonder what will happen, if God forbid, I ever get posses with a Jinn… Do you guys still wanna meet up? :P

Evil Bunny PosessedBelieve in the Unseen,
Evil Bunny

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