Google’s Project Glass

So Google is working on a pair of glasses you can wear, so you can have pop ups in front of your face wherever you go. Click here to see the glasses.

If this becomes a reality, that means you can no longer lie to your friend on your location. :P

Ah Leong: EB where are you? I am now at Bugis. Wait for you 15 mins already.
EB: I am reaching very soon. I just past Lavender MRT station.
Ah Leong: You lie. My Google glasses say you are still at Pasir Ris. Wah lau eh….
EB: Damn you Google glasses!

Check out my portfolio website! Yeahhh!

For the past few weeks I was juggling Happeepill and designing my portfolio website. You have no idea how tough it was because there was just so much work to do. But hey its done now!

I thank God for the internet because before everything went online, I used to carry one of those expensive, huge, black, flat portfolio bags with my work inside pasted on mounting boards. -_-” It was a pain to lug around..but with a website, you can view my work 24/7 at the your own time, at home, in your underpants. Take that Art Friend! :P

If you guys wanna kaypoh-kaypoh check out my work as a graphic / web designer, go ahead and click on the link below. Aspiring students who have their sights on schools like NAFA, La Salle and Temasek Poly taking media courses are most welcome to see.

Nothing too fancy lah.. just straight to the point type of navigation. :P I wonder how many of you are interested in learning graphic, web design and Flash? If I charge you CHEEP CHEEP, do you guys wanna learn?

Portfolio WebsiteGo to

At the end of the day, Adobe wins. T_T
Evil Bunny!

Happeepill is now on WordPress!

Hey guys,

I am finally done changing the Happeepill site to the WordPress platform. Yeah!! I did not expect it would take this long. I had no problems installing WordPress but searching and reading up about which plug-ins to use on the other hand was a major headache.

Happeepill moving to WordPress
I placed this drawing on the old site before I made the switch. I think some of you guys might have missed it.

Anyway, I am very happy that the system is up and running. I was planning to use the “Twenty Ten” theme but I realized that WordPress made an even better improved version which they called it “Twenty Eleven”. If you are starting out a self-hosted WP site, I suggest this theme because it has all the basic, necessary aesthetics.. a banner on top with tiled background at the back. Can’t go wrong with that! :D

I can understand why WP is getting popular with website owners, because now, I don’t even have to deal with Dreamweaver and FTP. The days or getting my files organized in folders, keeping tabs on images, making sure links are working right is OVER! And I’m glad.

Files and folders
These are the files that I have to manage on the old site.

Let me side track abit and show you guys the site’s progression throughout the years… I started with this site below totally made from Dreamweaver using tables! :P

First Site
This was back in 2007. I released the Enjet-enjet Semut cartoon with this site.

After that, I made another change to the site in 2008.

Website in 2008
The animated header nearly killed me during production!

After that in Jan 2nd 2010, together with a volunteer programmer we released Happeepill with a complete login system.

Website in 2010
A lot of work went into this one. We had a good run.

And now I am on WordPress yeah! Ok enough with reminiscing about old websites and all these geekery…. so where do we go from here? I will try to read your minds and here is a list of questions I bet most of you guys will ask me.

Where the #%^@ is the old cartoons and articles?!!!
I will add the old content as time goes by.. perhaps one old content every other day. If I were to dedicate my time to just migrate the entire site’s content, that would take another 2 weeks. I prefer to mix new posts with old ones so at least you guys are not barraged with stale content for 14 days straight.

I plan to post the “Ah Leong Dreams” cartoon, God willing, by tomorrow.

So what’s new?
Whats new?! EVERYTHING! Firstly, with this new platform you guys can comment on most of the posts. I adopted the Intense Debate comment system quite late on the old website so that means you can’t comment on some articles I’ve written, but now you are free to comment on almost ALL posts! :D

FYI, The comment system I’m using now is called Disqus.

Another thing is I have scrapped is the ICU page. I intend to set a login system on this platform but not anytime soon, so that means, all content is open to public viewing.

If you noticed, there is a tiny form on the top right hand corner on the side bar, where you can subscribe to Happeepill via email. I suggest you enter your email so you can be notified whenever there is a new post. Don’t want to miss a new cartoon now do we? ;)

Subscribe by Email Form

I guess that’s pretty much it. Drop me a comment if you have questions :) Enjoy the new Happeepill website you guys!

This is exactly how I felt when I got WordPress to work. :D

Evil Bunny!